Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you think Samsung is Abnormal?

Maybe you still don’t know the new Retina display on the iPad screen is one of the most amazing screens to come. It is a shocker to know that this screen is actually being manufactured by Apple’s biggest rival in both tablet and smartphone market. Yes, Samsung is developing the Retina displays for Apple, but the real question is, why doesn’t the company develop these for their own android tablet?

A simple answer to this is patents and rights in the business industry. A business doesn’t take too long to betray the company’s they are in partner with. For example, Samsung is currently developing thousands of different LCD screens for Apple products even after both the company’s area going against each other in a massive legal battle.

We need to understand that Samsung isn’t just a company that develops smartphones or tablets that compete with Apple. Samsung is a multinational company with a huge portfolio of products under their line. These include a huge number of electronic appliances and technologies for other companies. So the Samsung Mobile Display division is something different from the Samsung Mobile phones division. This division has its own things to worry about and they have been creating AMOLED screens for many other manufacturer’s TVs and smartphone displays.

So there is no need to get surprised when you find out that Apple and Samsung Electronics are fiercely battling each other in the market over smartphone and tablet domination while Samsung Mobile Display gladly creates screens for Apple.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer of screens in the industry; there are other notable companies such as Sony and LG who are doing the same bit. They fiercely battle it out in the market, yet they provide each other with key technologies in the back.

Samsung is doing great in the smartphone market because of their renowned Super AMOLED screen technology. This technology has been kept for the company’s own use and that is why Samsung phone’s always had an edge on other smartphones in the industry. So next time you see a AMOLED screen on your phone, you should know that it was developed by Samsung.

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