Friday, July 20, 2012

Children’s Eyesight Killer—Too Many Crazy Digital Gadgets

These two days, Mexico City Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Pediatric Ophthalmology MD, deputy director Sherry was a bit busy. With the arrival of the summer, to seek treatment for children up. In recent years, She is very worried about the trend, with the development of digital gadgets, there is a vision problems of children younger and younger age, which leads to vision loss and the biggest factor is the computer and mobile phone. For this, children's education experts called, do not use electronic gadgets to spend the time of the child, parents should give more love and attention to s their children.

One-year-old child playing ipad, almost as strabismus
Ms. daughter of Mexico City harbor area Jreey just two years old this year and a half, though she is small, But in the one-year-old a few months time, a young ipad master. "In the past, to see her play ipad feeling quite proud of their own child is the smartest and so small will be able to play mobile phones, computers, turning various functions, looking for games, watching videos, and more powerful!" Jreey Ms. did not know The small screen, but the impact on children is enormous.

Until the 2-year-old daughter, her hair cut short because of hot weather one day, Ms. Jreey suddenly found the child's eyes that something was amiss children, "She always rubbed my eyes, thought it was long hair, tie, and had never read carefully the eye Ren. see only surprised, my God, there is an eye jen how not moving? "family memories, considered that ipad blame.

"This child see ipad addictive, is not called is not payable to, if not more attractive things to change, refuse to let out." Ms. This Jreey find her daughter to play a little overdone.Whole family is very tight, the daughter of a pair of water Lingling big eyes are the most beautiful features, this was strabismus can gnaw good?

Jreey Ms. gratified found timely, decisive and confiscated ipad, six months later, her daughter's eyes resumed unabated, "in order to let her 'relapse', I always take my ipad get the office to hide." Jreey Ms daughter, eye problems, she had consulted many ophthalmic professionals, so she was surprised that the minimum age of the populations in children's vision problems have been reduced to two to three years, the culprit is electronic products .

Playing video games, in January as myopia
Speaking of her daughter's vision, now Mexico's Candy ladies distressed cope. Last summer, she went to Mexico Training, 11-year-old daughter fell madly in love with video games, her training a month back, found that her daughter has been able to extricate themselves.

"She's hardly an eyes started playing video games, played with eyes red." When her daughter told her often feel dizzy, Candy Ms. quickly took her to Mexico, an Eye Hospital checkups, did not think a month before time, fourth-grade daughter has 200 degrees of myopia.

Sherry doctors, eye development suitable distance, generally six meters away, the eyes will relax and adjust. Long-term close the eyes, eye blink to reduce eye development, especially playing the game, intently focused too, less secretion of the lacrimal gland, can cause dry eyes. "

When the eye doctor more than 30 years, so Sherry's deepest thoughts and feelings, or nearly five years of change, "before kindergarten admission physical examination or periodic inspection, the basic myopic children, most child care vision will continue to exist 200 degrees of hyperopia." But as the electronic the richness of the product, 3-year-old children medical examination 10% of the myopic trend. In 2006, the hospital there is no pediatric ophthalmology department, "A while back, going to the mountains a primary clinic, that schools can only detect four low vision, and urban students in a class 20% of the eyesight of students problem. "

Once a child a is often Rouyan, eyes closed, sensitive to light should be rushed to the hospital to check, "most of myopia in children are caused by acquired eye properly, recommended for children 6 months later to the hospital to conduct the vision screening, the children watch TV, computer , play cell phone over 20 minutes is necessary to take a break, and parents should take their children to outdoor sports. "

The growth of love “electronic children”, need to accompany
Addicted to electronic products, In addition to disturbances of vision, the physical effects are obvious, such as the media repeatedly reported that "mobile phone hands" "SMS neck" in good health threat more alarming psychological barriers are quietly eroded the immature mind and body.

Teacher training schools in Mexico City Hill psychological Mary, come into contact with many similar psychological problems of children, "children concerned about the screen, poor eye movement, inability to concentrate, in this man-machine dialogue, language abilities will gradually degradation, thus affecting their interpersonal skills. "

Mary, in fact electronic products do not inspire a fixed pattern of the child's intelligence, electronic products and machinery operation people to become slaves of the machine This is especially terrible. She had come into contact with such a girl, every day practical hands holding the phone, "she told the mobile Internet addicted, the thumb on the cocoon has been very hard." Professional doctor said, these children are mostly inner loneliness , the family is not happy, some are single-parent families, some parents are too busy to make money do not have time to communicate with their children.

Now, many parents busy with their work as an excuse to give the child the digital gadgets. So, they feel easier. Whenever she faces the "electronic children, Mary would tell the parents patiently: the child's growing need companioned, accompanied by their parents and this is the best love for their kids. When children know you care about him, his heart will be nourished. No matter how much material conditions to their children, not as good as the company of parents to make their psychologically more healthy. 

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