Friday, July 27, 2012

Top Five Cell Phones This Month

We all know that the development of digital gadgets is very fast, especially, in the fierce cell phone market, these are the top five cell phones in this month.

The next generation iPhone
The next generation iPhone Shell with a new design, the headphone jack is placed in the bottom of the fuselage, but also reduced the charger port size at the bottom of the fuselage, the latest news from foreign media, the interface will be the next generation iPhone The current 30-pin to 19 pin, and will be used more compact nanoSIM of cards.

In addition, the next generation iPhone will be a 4-inch touch screen and 7.6 mm ultra-slim body, coupled with the new design of the back cover, in appearance, the next generation of iPhone will be the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S show a clear distinction, Perhaps this is the wish of many fruit powder.

More expensive than the iPhone 4S - BlackBerry 9900
BlackBerry 9900 is located in the high-end market business smartphone, it is the most thinnest BlackBerry classic QWERTY keyboard design is also equipped with touch screen, while the continuation of the classic style enhanced the user experience. Sports car class carbon fiber back panel and stainless steel frame, compared with the BlackBerry 9900 has brought a better texture.

Hardware and software features, the BlackBerry 9900 uses the latest BlackBerry 7.1 operating system, with such as mobile hotspot, the NFC (Near Field Communication) function. It uses a 1.2GHz Qualcomm the Xiaolong S2 processor, equipped with 2.8-inch VGA touch screen, comes with 8GB of memory and supports microSD card expansion. In addition, the BlackBerry 9900 also has a 5 megapixel camera can shoot HD video.

1.5GHz dual-core big screen - Sony LT28h
Sony Xperia ion LT28h 4.6 inches HD (720 x 1280 pixels) grade touch screen, powered by the 1.5GHz frequency Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core processor with 16GB body memory, and running among the newer Android 4.0 operating system, also has a 1200 megapixel HD camera and 1840mAh battery, the overall configuration very well, is a flagship smart new machine.

The appearance of Samsung Jasper (SCH-I200) is sleek, great texture. The front of its body has a touch screen, screen size is expected to be 4.0 inches, the bottom of the screen are four touch keys, the top of the screen operators Version of Logo is that Samsung Jasper custom identity.

Samsung Jasper (SCH-I200), the back of the fuselage, it has a camera, but did not with the fill light, As for the configuration of the camera yet, no definite information. Before exposure information display, the Samsung Jasper will be equipped with Qualcomm the Xiaolong S4 MSM8960 dual-core processor, clocked at up to 1.5GHz, and the Android 4.0.3 system version, equipped with a WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) level display.

Sony LT26ii
Sony Xperia SL LT26ii's memory performance score of 1493 points, the CPU integer for 2404. Unfortunately, the total test score is not being released. It is worth mentioning is that the test information the Sony Xperia SL LT26ii, CPU frequency of 1674MHz, ie, 1.7GHz. From this point of view, this phone will be powered by Qualcomm Xiao Long S4 dual-core processors.

The Sony LT26i equipped with 1.5GHz parts, Xiao Long, Qualcomm dual-core processor, the message is displayed prior to exposure that Sony Xperia SL LT26ii processors will be improved. If the Xperia SL LT26ii be as such I guess, really use high-pass Xiaolong S4 dual-core processor, compared to its previous generation products, the performance of this phone will be improved significantly.

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