Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chinese Cell Phone Killer—Blackberry 9788

There is a news form Chinese media: Blackberry 9788 impacts the Chinese cell phone market deeply, are you curious about why blackberry 9788 can impact the Chinese cell phone market?

By contrast with Android phone stereotyped shape, BlackBerry 9788 compact sound compared to the fuselage Dunsheng goodwill. QWERTY keyboard, though not invented by the Chinese, not necessarily more than handwriting for Chinese input, but the new OS 6.0 system, Pinyin input method allows them to pick up and never put down.

Contrast to the old BlackBerry 9700, this digital gadgets print silver side replaced by a dark color, from afar, 9788 like a black pearl.

BlackBerry 9788's top button, the screen lock / mute button on both sides, separated about the keys very hard, unlike the one button as loose, force feedback is also adequate.

Along down the surface on the bar, the top of the Blackberry Logo is a split of a very fine dust cover handset, the dust should be difficult to invade. The right is the iconic Blackberry LED warning lamp, once the new notification arrives, the small red light will blink more than some may argue that the Android phone, but the BlackBerry's small red light than Android much earlier. In addition, a small kill - the optical sensor is also hiding them, the BlackBerry screen in the sun under a clear exception, also depends on it.

 2.44-inch 480 * 360 screen and the BlackBerry 9700 and 9780, consistent with this screen is the same softer phone up there will be a slight ripple of the water. Do not look at resolution is not high, but because of the small size, ppi high the naked eye looks very comfortable ~ screen automatically adjust the brightness according to ambient light, is more efficient than Android is much higher, even in the sun, the screen clear as ever.

 BlackBerry 9788 function keys for the separation of design, remove the middle of the optical touch pad from left to right are: the call key, menu key, back key, and End keys. The key is relatively soft, not very good feedback. No exaggeration to say, BlackBerry optical trackpad operating experience than many of the same product equipped with optical trackpad much better press feedback is very powerful, but some optical touchpad may have subsidence problems to buy, when to pick well ok, after all, the optical trackpad is almost the largest loss BlackBerry components.

 BlackBerry 9788 equipped with a Blackberry 6.0 system, people familiar with the BlackBerry it has been very understanding, we look at. As we all know, the shortcut key function of the BlackBerry is a major cause of its high efficiency, the Blackberry 6.0 system to join the global search function, of course, the original shortcut key mode has also been retained, BBer in the subject inside the switch. Want while preserving is not no way, as long as the settings for common shortcuts mode, and then to click s (search), global search can proceed.

 The BlackBerry 9788 is equipped with a 1450mAh battery, Bold Series of 9700, we have made in life demonstration - easily over the three days of life will naturally extended to a certain extent, the BlackBerry 9788. Support Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G network, coupled with the network coverage is not very good, so the BlackBerry 9788 is frequently search for signals caused some power loss. I test of time, open the 3G + automatically switch networks +5 BBM + push about 10 messages, the BlackBerry 9788 Standby up to 1.5 - 2 days, saving capability is great. If the network is locked in 2G EDGE, its ability to endurance of about 2.5 - 3 days, so much stronger than the market, the Android system intelligent machines.

In my opinion, Chinese is a traditional country, the style of Blackberry cater to the psychology of most Chinese. Sophisticated and detailed design also welcomed by the Chinese. The color of this digital gadget also consistent with Chinese rich cultural heritage, looks steady and broad. In short, Blackberry is a successful cell phone in the Chinese market.

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