Monday, July 23, 2012

How Much Do You Know About Nokia N9?

Nokia as an electronic gadgets giant, it experienced a flourishing and decline. As their N9, which can be a great leap for them? There are so many highlights in Nokia N9New concept, new design, new experience and so forth. In fact, many users may purchase it just because their perfect shape, and after use the phone, they will find this phone, the beauty of the phone not only in appearance, subversive SWIPE concept and a new MeeGo system also brings a unique navigation experience. Nokia N9, we see a lot of the details improvements carefully, it is these improvements, so that the user experience of Nokia N9 enhance greatly.

 In N9 display the top of the touch region, we can still achieve a traditional touch, such as clicking an icon or link, fingers kneading zoom pictures; but the difference is that, when sliding inward from the outside edge of the screen, the system interface there will be more response in order to achieve the unlock, multi-task to switch off the application functionalities. Specifically, from the screen border outside left to right or from right to left sliding switch between the three windows (Detailed below); from sliding down move will close the current application; applications from online program will be the shortcut bar. This new design, the benefits between the various interface you can quickly switch without having to go through the double-click or a long press a button to achieve the vision in terms of more intuitive.

 In order to better achieve this sliding operation, the Nokia N9 edge of the glass of the screen arc processing, users can more easily find the edge of the screen, so that the sliding manipulation becomes more natural.

  And Android, MeeGo no independent can add the Widget standby screen, but because of the three Windows interface is more intuitive, more simple operation, so for convenience and does not reduce. Especially in the window of the multi-tasking, we can intuitively see the daemon, you can easily turn off, compared to Android to be more efficient.

 Nokia N9 impressive Another detail is to activate the phone screen from standby. First of all, in the standby mode, the screen of the Nokia N9 will display the time, and because of the AMOLED screen features, and no additional power consumption, because the black areas are non-luminous power consumption. In addition, in the standby state, we just double-click will be able to activate the screen, compared to a lot of mobile phones limited to be a lot easier to press a physical button.

Of course, when it comes to the Nokia N9, we have to talk about NFC. As more and more operating systems and devices to support the NFC short-range wireless communications technology that many consumers understand. Through touch, users will be able to NFC-enabled devices paired quickly and share pictures, contacts and other information, save a lot of tedious validation.

 Nokia N9, as well as a can use the NFC technology is a popular game "angry bird". Different versions and other platforms, Nokia N9, we can use the NFC device to unlock the barriers, and there are a lot of fresh role, greatly increased playability. If you no other NFC phones it does not matter, in fact the most common public transport IC card is the NFC technology, we can use it to unlock the barriers.

Just as the design of Nokia: great design is to do the subtraction instead of doing the addition. In the N9, we see that Nokia has made many improvements in detail, these improvements are for the easier control, so that the user experience upgrade to a whole new level. If your impression on N9 just "no follow" to the minimalist design before, now, you should understand that it is a sufficient wonderful, smart phone worth having.

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