Monday, July 30, 2012

Mobile phone market will face the "red tide" soon?

Apple's earnings have been a number of consecutive quarter-expected? Even professional investors on Wall Street are also impossible to keep track. You can remember, since the advent of the Jobs and his iPod, Apple almost always are-expected, when the iPhone and the iPad are available, this ultra-expected is to become the default "normal". Do you think this is “normal” in digital gadgets market?

However, after Jobs left the the third quarter of July 25 earnings release, Apple let investors down: Apple quarter revenue growth of 22%; net profit rose 20.5 percent - the figure is still very glamorous, but sales of iPhone and iPad are not and analysts expected.

For Apple, the performance slowdown is not the nature of the problem lies! After all, iPhone5 yet to come, and will be released in the third quarter, will undoubtedly lead to greater sales incentives.

Apple's real problem is that, as one magic enterprise, it is "disenchantment". This disenchantment is not only reflected in the previous release, the new iPad bland, also reflected on being released in the rumored iPad Mini, these products did not produce any surprises, but continue to spend Apple's previously accumulated up "magic . "

Upcoming iPhone5 with a larger screen, higher resolution, there will be not a bigger surprise. iPhone before too successful manufacture of surprise is too large, so that this peak is difficult to continue to climb. To consumers, it also caused a strange psychological suggestion: Apple can always manufacture a miracle, I love Apple, but if Apple is no longer manufactured surprise?

When the iPhone was born, it does ahead of other vendors too, touch screen, mobile Internet, App Store, and other aspects all subversive. Naqiaobusi the words: at least three years ahead of other manufacturers tied the three-year gap between a blessing for three years to complete? After all, Apple still bolted in the way of innovation.

However, when the Retina screen, 10 million pixel camera has exceeded the limit of the naked eye experience, the apple in the original way of innovation may come to "end" - the end user experience of boundary.

In this case, winning in order to scale-to-bottom full force of Samsung, in terms of volume first and Apple pulled out of the distance. According to Juniper Research study on July 27, the second quarter, Samsung's smart phone shipments of 52.1 million over the same period Apple sold 26 million iPhones, a difference of more than half. Among them, the sales of the Galaxy S III in the two months reached 10 million, far distance iPhone.

If all mobile phone manufacturers with the Android software in imitation, to catch up with Apple, then, then in the hardware sector, MediaTek is becoming a cottage, made the new playground of the regular army. With the rapid rise of MediaTek chips Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Cool four kings also dubbed the cottage where the fighter.

Previously, China's local phone after three to imitate tide: the first round by the appliance manufacturers to launch around 2000, can become a paste shell imitation cottage; the second round of MediaTek collaborative Shenzhen many cottage small factories, the Design House have launched can be called a workshop custom cottage; the latest launch of a mainly Chinese, cool, together, the four manufacturers led to the use of Spreadtrum, MediaTek chips and the Android operating system expansion.

Although they are imitating, but the domestic manufacturers, or have been self-transcendence. The first generation to imitate machine to seize the new market, especially the four-tier cities and below market, the second generation to imitate machine has been customized to seize LG, Samsung and their low-end market, while the new generation of custom machine has become the number one killer of Nokia are, they have strong channel capacity and better R & D capabilities.

Therefore, when Android and MediaTek have the stage to build a good, smart-phone Happy Valley field is no longer technology as barriers, with the enterprise of this stage, the final competition is the marketing channels, cost control, as 10 years before the domestic appliance industry, thousands of small manufacturers of home appliances, far more than the cottage phone number of vendors.

It is in this context, marketing, channels, and cost control advantage of the business is also expected to succeed, for example, China, cool, together, they all have at least two of the three, that is to have at least two-tone can QUICKER. Lenovo since into the original ZTE, Huawei and take advantage of the channel operators, sales achieve a multiplier.Similarly, millet, OPPO their main technical marketing, advertising through traditional advertising or Twitter virus, Brain Washing, occupy space in a particular market segment; while the number of Internet phone play, it is stimulating with low-cost mobile phone value-added services to make money.

However, when the Lenovo began hoisting, copy the success of the PC field, the "red tide" of this industry is coming, there is no advantage in the channel, marketing, and cost is difficult for enterprises to survive. For example, the control of the second generation of the cottage manufacturers have three or four-wire channels by the impact of channel operators and electricity suppliers will be greatly reduced, it is difficult to copy the success in the past. 

So, all I can see about this”red tide” is the world of electronic gadgets is elusive. And the only we can do is enjoy low price from the development of digital electronics.

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