Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Change in Cell Phone Market

Yesterday, you may very happy just because you got a Nokia N97, but when you wake up, Symbian system is out of style, you may prepare to buy a new one, which equipped with android or iOS, the update of digital gadgets is to fast that more that we can image. So, this article, I analysis the great change in the cell phone market.

We all know that Nokia was a giant before, but when Nokia announced on the 27th, will be closed the last factory in September in Finland. The overlord of the mobile phone manufacturing, several recent spread the news of layoffs and plant closings. Sat 14 years of Nokia in the mobile phone market share on the throne, to hand over the top spot in the first quarter of this year, Samsung's successful ascent. 1998, Nokia replaced Motorola.

Today, Motorola and Nokia, with a heavy sense of the name has lost the aura of the past. Apple by virtue of the innovation momentary limelight without the two; Samsung constant imitation learning with rapid skill to seize the market; young HTC sprint to catch up, LG, Sony re-locate to find direction; domestic mobile phone brands are also to introduce new competition for market share.

Rise of the mobile phone market, but more than 10 years, in such a short time, this arena scene rise, sink, catch up, silence, the story of the disappearance of each vendor in the fight to write their own destiny. Who will become the next king? Samsung hardware is strong, but the software is considered to be a short board; more attention to profits than market share, Apple; young brand HTC is hot pursuit.

Nokia let out the Throne
Motorola did not continue to write brilliant in the 2G era, Nokia, crashed out of the battle in the 3G era, Apple and Samsung to come from behind.

Review these changes in the mobile phone market, "great change" arrogant, 1997, Nokia replaced Motorola to usher in their own first Motorola the peak time. But by 2009, the pattern of the recurrence of the changes, Apple, Samsung, HTC began to emerge.

Today, Nokia smartphone market share of only 6.6%, not a smart functions to help Nokia re-donned the jersey of the king. Apple and Samsung to come from behind, respectively, in the profits and size to put up their banner.

However, the new strategy did not let the Nokia stand up. Since last year announced an alliance with Microsoft to create the outside Andrews and Apple ecosystem, Nokia began losses, and losses have been to the second quarter of this year, while the third quarter, Nokia CEO Elop said "remain difficult".

HTC "transition pains"

Behind Apple and Samsung, the same catch up with the HTC. This young brand has quickly jump red shipments were more than Apple, Samsung has become the United States market shipments in the first place manufacturers. HTC started relying on OEM machine Sea Strategy from HTC OEM cultural mentality of the period. The fourth quarter of last year, HTC has set the route of the "quality strategy" full sprint, high-end models HTC One series of product development, but also gave up the previously planned a range of products.

The series efforts of HTC in the Chinese market seem to have received the results. According to the Shiner consulting market research data, HTC, more than 1500 yuan price of the smartphone market in May, a market share of 13.3 percent, compared to 6.4 percent in April more than doubled, behind Samsung and Apple .

Silence, whether outbreak?
Catch-up behavior of the self-help with the Nokia and HTC, the same in the era of intelligent machines frustrated, Motorola, LG and other in the quiet state. Sony Ericsson disappear, "Sony" completely replace.

Motorola is considered to have been the Google "frozen". Google acquisition of Motorola, he caused a lot of conjecture, there is a Google's Andrew system will not continue to be fully free of charge. The old version will continue to provide to other manufacturers, but Google will Andrews into a semi-closed for Motorola to provide some special good version. But the reality is, Google Look on Motorola's lucrative patent accumulation, did not make any "preference" move on Motorola.

Similarly, the Korean companies LG and Samsung mobile phone business can be described as ice and fire. Samsung in 2003, began to enter the smartphone market, LG reaction is too slow until 2010, the product of smartphone. After entering the smartphone market, LG has been stagnant.

From this article, we can feel the great change in the digital electronics market, Moto, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, we don’t know what will be happen tomorrow, so just enjoy today.

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