Saturday, July 14, 2012

August 7—iPhone5 will coming?

There is news from a dependable media: They said the new digital gadgets iPhone5 is coming!

Last year, Apple has changed the release cycle of the new generation of the iPhone, “Let's talk iPhone” conference on October 4, 2011, the company released the iPhone 4 looks almost the same as the iPhone 4S. Since that day, the outside world has been speculation the sixth-generation iPhone (in accordance with customary, hereinafter referred to as the release of the iPhone 5) will be extended to October cycle - especially after this year's WWDC conference in October, the rumors of releasing new iPhone has been regarded as “facts” in people's minds.

                                                                   iPhone5 rumour                                     
iPhone5 will adopt a new frame design, adjusting the size and location of the headphone jack, charging port, while the fuselage was lengthened, and it equipped with 4-inch touch screen, while the body thickness is reduced to 7.6 mm, very slim, in addition to carrying A6 quad-core processors, compared to the iPhone 4S, the overall configuration is better clearly.

The routine will always break by someone. In all walks have been by default rather than guess the iPhone 5 release time, a very crazy sounds appeared: Apple's next-generation iPhone will be released on August 7 this year in October. The voice from site Know Your Mobile, this site claims to receive a "very reliable" inside information, has identified new iPhone release time for the August 7.

August 7, do not Apple will be held within two months, twice a conference (the WWDC and the rumors of the conference)? It looks extremely unlikely. Besides, the iPhone 4S sale is still less than 12 months, the new iPhone consumers generally tend to purchase contract phone, what is attractive to them? This message circulating on the Internet, without thinking of the many media gave negative comments, only one reason - too crazy.

Will Apple release iPhone5 on August 7? Let’s look and see. I will gather more interesting information about digital gadgets in my blog, and if you want to get some information about china wholesale electronics, please visit:

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