Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Microsoft push WP8 first update lock screen constantly WiFi

This news may make just starting or Windows Phone 8 devices users are ready to buy a little comfort, Microsoft has begun to push WP8 first update.

It is reported that the updated system version upgrade from 9905 to 10211, major repair unexcused automatically restart, and also brought the long awaited lock screen constantly WiFi capabilities.

Now the user can set in settings whether WiFi connection when lock screen, of course, in order to save power, you can still ignore it. This update OTA form takes approximately 10 minutes to download and install.

Restaurant leaked Nokia Windows tablet is coming

Since the Nokia hold on Microsoft's "thigh" People have been circulated to Nokia about to launch a tablet PC equipped with Windows system, and even foreign media continue to release the suspected spy, but that is ultimately the outsiders subjective assumptions. But in a few days ago, a Finnish restaurant seems to know more, inadvertently leaked the Nokia tablet whereabouts.

In Nokia Finland home, a restaurant in order to attract customers at the door hit an eye-catching posters, where consumption in the restaurant a sufficient amount of users will have the opportunity to raffle in March next year, and the prize is a Nokia Windows tablet.

The MMC mobile annual general meeting will be opened at the end of February 2013, Nokia Windows 8 tablet to be listed in March next year, the MWC 2013 conference is definitely a great time of the tablet debut.

As early as in March of this year, there are rumors that Nokia is developing a 10.1-inch screen and a Qualcomm dual-core Windows 8 tablet, Nokia CEO Elop earlier interviews attitude has been hinting flat products will be introduced in the future.

iPad is not big enough Japanese manufacturers push 21.5-inch flat-screen

The smart TVs combine TV with Android operating system is not uncommon in the current, but the smart TV as flat propaganda I am afraid only of Japan rontier .

Frontier Japan recently launched a 21.5-inch smart display device, equipped with a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 dual-core 1GHz processor, built-in 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, 21.5-inch touch screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, provides a 1.2-megapixel front camera, pre-installed Android 4.0.4 operating system, need to be powered by the power adapter.
From a volume perspective, it is called a smart TV should be more appropriate, but the manufacturer does it as a tablet PC propaganda. Promotional materials, manufacturers use it to compare the Nexus 7 and iPad products, people believe that this really is a tablet.
However, the power adapter or betrayed him, and there will be Which tablet will use the adapter to power it? Portability basically will be equal to zero. We regard it as a humorous Japanese companies publicity to it.

Anyway, if there is really such a 21.5-inch tablet PC, you will buy it?

iPad 5 rumors: Published prices and Design

IPad 4, iPad mini line version just arrived, but the network has been a lot of rumors about iPad 5, such as the iPad 5 release date, price, Let's look together.

In the iPad 4 before the release, Apple have been guided by the law of the year to release a iPad. In view of the strong pressure brought by the Microsoft Surface and Google Nexus7, the next-generation iPad is likely to be released in March 2013. The current rumors generally point to mid-March 2013. Of course, iPad 5 may be released in November next year, so the iPad enough cycle.

AppleInsider reports, company a KGISecurities securities analyst Ming-ChiKuo, said that, under pressure, as well as to maintain Apple's dominance in the tablet market, Apple will release the new 9.7 inches iPad 5.

He said, a 9.7-inch thinner and lighter iPad iPad mini will be a great success, but released it is more important to Apple's strategy.

Shape, iPad 5 will have a new modified shape design, its design may bias iPhone5 or iPad mini. The most important is the iPad 5 thinner than the iPad 4 of 9.4mm thickness.

iPad 5 will have three versions, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB WiFi version is priced at 399 pounds, 479 pounds and 559 pounds; the the Wifi/3G version priced at 499 pounds, 579 pounds and
659 pounds

iPhone5S With Super HD screen in June next year?

Can be described as the continued rumors of the next generation iPhone, after another small series production in the end of this year and early release news broke, foreign technology website Business Insider reported that, Jeffries analyst PeterMisek recently said that Apple will be released in June a new iPhone, its name may be for the iPhone 5S will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 5 now in the market.

Number of hardware upgrades

According to foreign technology website Business Insider reports, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, the next generation iPhone hardware upgrade, including a higher pixel camera, add support for NFC near field communication functionality. Moreover, Apple iPhone5 just upgraded the resolution of the touch screen, but perhaps against the Android system many FHD Full HD touch screen models challenges, the touch screen of the Apple iPhone 5S will SuperHD (ultra high definition) "Specifications As for the specific resolution or what will be improved, there is no more news.

In addition, the analysts think the iPhone 5S future fifth-generation Apple iPod touch will add more color versions, and may even reach six to eight kinds of mobile phone battery life, and will further improve.

Or will be released in June

As in the past the media the the iPhone5 called "the most short-lived," generation iPhone, this or the new machine named iPhone 5S will be officially launched in June next year. As for Apple to change the past, product strategy and released ahead of the next-generation iPhone's reason, in addition to the needs of the competitive market, and Apple's product strategy shift, according to the outgoing message of the past Apple's supply chain disclosure, Apple iPhone5 incell touch panel yields due to poor the Apple plan to monolithic glass touch panel (OGS), and in the next-generation iPhone ahead of the formal launch in the first half of next year iPhone5S.

"Business Times" According to Taiwan media reported last month that Apple iPhone 5S trial production has already begun, and Apple plans to start in the first quarter of 2013, a large number of Distribution. Therefore, many rumors now frequently appear iPhone5S may not feel the accident.

iPhone6 ​​will be equipped with a 4.8-inch screen

It is because of iPhone5S early stage, so about iPhone6 ​​rumors naturally began to spread. The same report from analyst Peter Misek also claims that Apple has prepared a variety of prototype iPhone 6. One is the most people interested in the 4.8-inch touch screen with Retina IGZO display. In addition, rumors in the iPhone 6 is also equipped with more powerful A7 quad-core processors, and cancel the Home key, and add a touch of support for the whole gesture.

Of course, the above information are one of the words of market analysts, its true extent remains to be further verified. It seems almost certain that Apple will transition the products mode, to speed up the replacement should be more reliable.

For S4 Preheat Samsung Will launch the quad-core GALAXY Grand in January

2013 approaching, Samsung smartphone, it seems a lot of people's eyes have turned to Samsung's next-generation flagship Samsung GALAXY S4 body. However, Samsung remains very calm state of mind, according to foreign media news, Samsung appear to be preparing to launch a first in January 2013 as a warm-up of the new phone called "Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS".

According to SamMobile people said this phone model Samsung GT-I9082 ", but did not disclose other information. FCC certification website last week, has emerged this phone named Samsung GALAXY Grand. The machine uses a 5-inch large screen design, but unfortunately it seems that this is not a flagship product, and its screen resolution is only WVGA (800 * 480 pixels) level; But the more interesting thing is the Samsung GALAXY Grand in other the hardware specifications is tough, rumors with a 1.4GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor, equipped with a Android4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system, supports 4G LTE network and NFC functionality.

For more information on this phone is not yet very clear, if indeed there is such a phone, we only need to wait a month's time will be able to learn more information personally estimate that this phone may be in coming out in the upcoming CES2013 Electronics Show.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Medfield chip Intel Tablet new progress


December 10 I believe before users are more concerned about the Tablet PC Newsset foot in the flat areas on the Intel little heard of remember when IDF 2011, Intel had come up with arun Honeycomb Medfieldtablet computer this below device seems tofinally have anew progress.

Recently, a product called Red RidgeIntel Medfield tablethas just appeared in the FCC, according to the data shown, it runsAndroid 4.0, equipped with Bluetooth, NFC, 802.11a/b/g/nWi-Fi, more whopointed out that this by FCC test the tablet production version.

The FCC database alsohas a picture displayTablet FCC labelplaced obliquely onthe right side of the back of the movingSeeing with our earlier version, but stillother design there are variables. In the end, itwill not appearat CES 2013? Letus wait and see!

Experience contest platform multi-task switching method Competition

One of the most typical scenario is to open foreign language reading application on the plate, suddenly do not understand the words, we can directly switch to the dictionary application to translate it, and then switch back. In this process, the body of processor and memory under test run two applications at the same time, three flat-panel systems Who will be the distribution of multiple tasks, will be able to gain valuable system resources as well as life, so every a system of multi-tasking capabilities under the foot work.

The task switching manner Competition:
It is hoped that in the plate to use the multi-tasking capabilities, so you can run multiple programs at the same time, helping them to improve efficiency in the use. A simple multi-task switching will enhance the user experience, tablet three systems in order to make themselves easier to use, are looking for a simple and practical way of multi-task switching, then who do better?

New iPad switch
iOS since version 4.0 supports multi-tasking capabilities. The new iPad multitasking easiest way is to use four fingers to slide to the top of the screen to bring up the multitasking menu. Multitasking menu, opened before the application will show the form of icons here, click on the different icons can enter different applications, so as to achieve the purpose of switching tasks.

The new iPad also can be an easier way to switch. We only use four fingers to swipe left or right of the screen will be able to switch to other programs that have opened.
Note 10.1 switching mode:

Note 10.1 multitasking switcher is relatively intuitive, a multi-task icon in the status bar at the bottom of the system is designed specifically, users only need to click on it, you can see on the screen all open applications, and show them to the application form of screenshots. Multitasking icon has been fixed in the taskbar, ready to standby.
Worth mentioning, the the new multitasking way Android - split-screen multitasking realized Note10.1. This approach allows the flat panel display on a single screen at the same time on the half two procedures. This multi-task a limitations specified program is the only support split-screen run, so the randomness poor.

Surface switch:
Surface adopted the the Win RT system, it has two way switch tasks. We can use a finger to the center from the left edge of the screen drag when the finger is released, it will switch to the recently opened programs. Another switch program also need to slide a certain distance from the left side of the screen with a finger, then slide back the screen, which exhaled multitasking menu. Multitasking menu will display the currently running application screenshot, click to enter the appropriate procedures. The multitasking menu can display up to seven program will replace the oldest open procedures when open more than seven.

Surface by using Win RT system also has a split-screen multi-tasking capabilities and better powerful than Note10.1 of it to support all applications under the Windows UI for split-screen display, the screen has a size for the user to select the area the user to drag the application to a different area can be displayed.

The three platform switch Competition Summary:
Whether new iPad four finger swipe, the Note 10.1 multitasking menu or the Win RT single finger sliding, we can see that every vendor in the efforts will switch designed for operation more simple and practical.

Note10.1 multitasking switcher is very intuitive, but want to switch to another program, you need to click on the multitasking icon, then select the appropriate procedural steps before they can achieve that better iOS four-finger swipe Win RT single refers to simple dragging.

The Win RT system was released on October 26 this year, compared to iOS, Android system, it is late for more than 2 years. But this also makes it simple iOS multitasking switching advantage with Android systems that absorb the powerful split-screen multi-tasking capabilities, and maybe that is who was home on benefits. Therefore, in this round of competition, Microsoft Surface winner.

Sales lower than expected, Who "kill" Surface?

Recently, Surface Tablet sales stabilizing broken million in the fourth quarter of this year, Detwiler Fenton in Boston economy company also released the data, said Microsoft may only sell in the fourth quarter of this year from 500,000 to 600,000, IHS iSuppli analysts said Taiwan Surface, 1000000-2000000 units sales far below the expected.

Detwiler Fenton said Microsoft's Surface product strategy is some confusion, "limited retail channels as well as slightly higher than the $ 499 minimum price have become reasons lead to Surface equipment unsalable.

In other words, the Tablet Surface in Microsoft official online or now store has a sale, but for those consumers who do not understand the product, they are more willing to go to a physical store personally try to decide whether to buy the product, especially in the case of the Surface of the price is not cheap, this consumer demand becomes more apparent.


However, Microsoft only 65 brick-and-mortar store in North America, and 34 temporary holiday stores, consumers more often only through outdoor or television advertising to understand Surface, Microsoft is therefore the loss of a large number of potential users .

Some analysts believe that Microsoft should cooperate with more third-party retail enterprise Surface products to further expand sales channels, increase the presence of the Surface products, only to allow consumers to better understand the unique products to enhance sales.

iPod Touch 5 Review

From September 13th, Apple released the new generation of the iPod Touch has passed two months more than this thickness 6.1mm, weight only 88g smart device body relative to the previous generation of iPod Touch 4 has a lot of innovation. For iPod Touch, we of course cannot be attributed to the pure sense of the Tablet PC, but so far as to think about it, if the boundaries of the Tablet PC is also very vague. We can be called the iPad mini seemingly queen Touch Tablet PC Samsung Galaxy Note 2 called call tablet, the Asus Taichi called tablet notebook hybrid device. Everyone's mind for the definition of the tablet, which also determines the breadth of the Tablet PC product line. Perhaps at the moment it seems many devices and Tablet PC touch not the point on the relationship, but when portability, the definition of the tablet, how will be the ultimate retain only the screen?

So before the evaluation began, we may wish to first iPod Touch's product definition aside, the iPod Touch may already relatively familiar to many users, so the evaluation, we will also pay attention to the real application experience instead of a single boring products parsing. The most important points for both the iPod Touch 5 innovations including light level, innovative design concepts, new features layers expand. Trying to bring more intuitive evaluation experience and feel.

In fact, at first I get the iPod Touch 5 from the data alone do not think 6.1mm and 88g on the hands can make much of a difference, but when placed in the hands of time to get accustomed to the 7-inch or 9.7-inch tablet I instantly felt thin and light the true meaning.

Most thin and light portable smart mobile devices, terminals, as now, the thickness of the fuselage of the iPod Touch has reached unprecedented 6.1mm, 6.65mm beyond the known world's thinnest phone OPPO Finder. At present, its body thickness of most of the Tablet PC is still hovering around 8mm, like Toshiba AT270 (7.8mm), AT200 (7.7mm) and Samsung P6800 (7.9mm) is a few paragraphs below 8mm equipment. Apple iPad mini with 7.2mm again refresh Tablet thinnest records have to say, from an objective point of view, the iPod Touch 5 will indeed make the mobile terminal device and a step forward in the sexual revolution of the portable.

iPod Touch 5 was able to be so thin is also due to Apple's first iPod Touch using anodized aluminum craft MacBook product line of the same type, the use of a single piece of aluminum to build the fuselage.

Body weight, we can hardly find a intelligent devices of the same size, its weight is even lighter than the iPod Touch 5 of 88g. Whether it is on the hands or shirt pocket, you almost difficult to feel its presence. 88g equivalent to 20 sheets of A4 paper weight, equivalent to the weight of an egg, if once you get used to the iPod Touch 5 feel in your hand, you will find that their side of the electronic equipment is so heavy.