Monday, December 10, 2012

Experience contest platform multi-task switching method Competition

One of the most typical scenario is to open foreign language reading application on the plate, suddenly do not understand the words, we can directly switch to the dictionary application to translate it, and then switch back. In this process, the body of processor and memory under test run two applications at the same time, three flat-panel systems Who will be the distribution of multiple tasks, will be able to gain valuable system resources as well as life, so every a system of multi-tasking capabilities under the foot work.

The task switching manner Competition:
It is hoped that in the plate to use the multi-tasking capabilities, so you can run multiple programs at the same time, helping them to improve efficiency in the use. A simple multi-task switching will enhance the user experience, tablet three systems in order to make themselves easier to use, are looking for a simple and practical way of multi-task switching, then who do better?

New iPad switch
iOS since version 4.0 supports multi-tasking capabilities. The new iPad multitasking easiest way is to use four fingers to slide to the top of the screen to bring up the multitasking menu. Multitasking menu, opened before the application will show the form of icons here, click on the different icons can enter different applications, so as to achieve the purpose of switching tasks.

The new iPad also can be an easier way to switch. We only use four fingers to swipe left or right of the screen will be able to switch to other programs that have opened.
Note 10.1 switching mode:

Note 10.1 multitasking switcher is relatively intuitive, a multi-task icon in the status bar at the bottom of the system is designed specifically, users only need to click on it, you can see on the screen all open applications, and show them to the application form of screenshots. Multitasking icon has been fixed in the taskbar, ready to standby.
Worth mentioning, the the new multitasking way Android - split-screen multitasking realized Note10.1. This approach allows the flat panel display on a single screen at the same time on the half two procedures. This multi-task a limitations specified program is the only support split-screen run, so the randomness poor.

Surface switch:
Surface adopted the the Win RT system, it has two way switch tasks. We can use a finger to the center from the left edge of the screen drag when the finger is released, it will switch to the recently opened programs. Another switch program also need to slide a certain distance from the left side of the screen with a finger, then slide back the screen, which exhaled multitasking menu. Multitasking menu will display the currently running application screenshot, click to enter the appropriate procedures. The multitasking menu can display up to seven program will replace the oldest open procedures when open more than seven.

Surface by using Win RT system also has a split-screen multi-tasking capabilities and better powerful than Note10.1 of it to support all applications under the Windows UI for split-screen display, the screen has a size for the user to select the area the user to drag the application to a different area can be displayed.

The three platform switch Competition Summary:
Whether new iPad four finger swipe, the Note 10.1 multitasking menu or the Win RT single finger sliding, we can see that every vendor in the efforts will switch designed for operation more simple and practical.

Note10.1 multitasking switcher is very intuitive, but want to switch to another program, you need to click on the multitasking icon, then select the appropriate procedural steps before they can achieve that better iOS four-finger swipe Win RT single refers to simple dragging.

The Win RT system was released on October 26 this year, compared to iOS, Android system, it is late for more than 2 years. But this also makes it simple iOS multitasking switching advantage with Android systems that absorb the powerful split-screen multi-tasking capabilities, and maybe that is who was home on benefits. Therefore, in this round of competition, Microsoft Surface winner.

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