Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Top 10 Tablets PC In China

Tablet PC market in 2012 has undergone some changes. Apple has finally launched the prices will become closer to the iPad, Microsoft released the Windows 8 Tablet PC Surface launched a self-developed. Finally, all of the large technology vendors launched their own tablet PCs, and are doing well.

1, Microsoft Surface RT
New operating system, new product categories, new keyboard cover technology, Microsoft Surface RT may not be ideal for PC and Tablet PC bridge - we are still looking forward to the Surface Pro to complete this mission - but it will undoubtedly prove a Tablet PC on importance to us, as well as Microsoft is willing to bear the risk.

2, Nexus 7
Google's first tablet computer is its best Tablet PC. The Nexus 7 prices finally caught up with the Kindle Fire HD, in accordance with the expectations of many people have such a configuration product prices will be twice as expensive. This product is very important, because this is Google's first foray into the field of hardware, but also because this Google hardware independent development indeed performed well.

3, iPad mini
Over the years, Apple has promised not to develop 7 inches iPad. But this year, the company launched such a product. Although the price is much higher than our competitors, but this product is still very good, and will further promote competition in the next few years.

4, Kindle Fire HD 8.9
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Perhaps the big screen outside the 7-inch tablet PC products, but did not change the fact that its become the most cost-effective Tablet PC. Moreover, this is signed before the 4G LTE contracts of $ 50 per year price.

5, Nexus 10
Few months, Google and Amazon have been the small size of the Tablet PC market close fight, but then, Google launched the Nexus 10. This is the first time to initiate a positive challenge to the dominance of the Apple iPad. This hardware products perfect short board once filled the application, it will be a not to be underestimated challenger.

6, iPad 3
Apple has firmly established the dominance of the tablet PC market, consumers may even lead to boredom. But this year launched the "iPad" are not the introduction of boredom, the retina HD screen 10 inches equipment suddenly lost luster.

7, Asus Vivo Tab RT
Microsoft has formulated an ambitious plan for Windows 8, but the absence of a strong partner, it is meaningless. Asus is in addition to Microsoft's own, the first large-scale press and hold the manufacturers of Windows 8. The company also launched a good product indeed.

8, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
Google launched the Nexus 7, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity is the only iPad a able to keep up with the pace of the Android Tablet PC. It's no wonder Google and Asus co-production Nexus 7.

9,7 inch Kindle Fire HD
In some ways, the creativity of the first generation Kindle Fire is more shocking than the product itself. This effect Tablet PC for only $ 200 is good, This alone is enough to attract the eye. Kindle Fire HD continuation of the price, but they have added a retina screen, excellent speakers and Amazon's huge content library.

10, LeapPad 2
The first generation of the LeapFrog LeapPad great, it has applications for children and shape, and long-term out-of-stock. Although the 30-year-old child may not be the pursuit of the configuration, but would still like a start fast hardware. LeapPad2 retains the inherent advantages, but also greatly enhance the speed and resolution of the camera, so it is worth the upgrade. The premise is that you can buy.

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