Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Quality Problem For Lumia 920?

Although Lumia 920 come into the market all over the world and the great welcome by consumersbut not fared Nokia Lumia 920 recently have been discovered a series of problemsincluding the lifetime not to force automatically restartand so onthese issues affect the feelings of consumers.

Lumia 920
Lumia 920

Leaky house roof on a rainy night, a sad reminder of the Lumia 920 problem is coming. Stumbled phone will not remove the protective plastic film caused the crash or splash screen, the phone sound, but the screen has been completely unable to manipulate when the foreign media to get the Lumia 920. After analysis, this may be a problem of the phone's sensors, the plastic material of the cell phone sensor feedback information has caused a certain amount of influence, and cause a crash problem.

Is still unable to determine whether the large-scale presence of this problem, perhaps there is a problem just on this stage Lumia 920 sensors.

While not everyone will not tear the protective film Lumia 920, but surely most people will equipped with a protective sleeve for Lumia 920, If the problem is really widespread, it is recommended that we still do not use plastic protective sleeve. After this, for me, hard to trust the quality of Nokia.

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