Friday, July 27, 2012

New Leader in Chinese Cell Phone Market—Samsung S3

In the digital gadgets market, apple is dominant with iPhone, in the past few years is one branch alone beautiful. However, with the Android system develop and grow gradually, Apple also felt quite fierce offensive from Google products, especially most robust momentum from Samsung which with the trend to be the new leader in this phone maket.

As the flagship product from two companies, Samsung S3 and iPhone 4S, they confront inevitably. Especially in the electric version of the iPhone 4S listed for sale, two product competition is further expanded, from WCDMA extended to the field of CDMA 2000 field. The two companies are the growing importance of the Chinese market, in the fierce competition, who is the greater chance of winning?

iPhone intelligent mobile phone from iPhone 4 with a two 3G network version -- WCDMA and CDMA2000, and from 4S, CDMA2000's products have also entered the Chinese market, so the China Unicom and China telecom users can experience this product, it is also considered the apple in the Chinese market further power a performance.

By contrast, Samsung has been accumulated in China for many years and has more advantages in network system. From the previous generation S3, Samsung respectively for three operators introduced the system products, and the S3II also followed this, China Unicom, China Mobile WCDMA system I9100 TD-SCDMA's I9108 and China Telecom CDMA2000+GSM double need the I929, can fully meet the needs of different operators user needs.

The particular telecommunication version, although the latest telecommunication version of iPhone 4S also supports WCDMA/GSM network, but it is not the double need, the WCDMA/GSM network can only be used under the condition of international roaming. In comparison, the Samsung I929 double need design, more suitable for the needs of domestic users, especially the 3G still in the popularization stage, many users still retained the 2G number.

For Apple products, consumers are stunning in its excellent user experience at the same time, will understand its uncompromising side. Despite the Chinese market value degree increasing, but the fact of the matter is, apple did not do too much in the function localization improvement, but give the task to a third party application. But the third party application after all have their limitations, for the localization of application integration can be seen as a disadvantage of apple iPhone.

For example, take the most fiery application micro-blog, although iOS 5 published in the world, the integration of Twitter is the one large window, but in China it is not the integration of the native SNS services, users can not even from the gallery will share the photograph to the micro-blog, in other platform products have become accustomed to this point of the users, will be more trouble.

Samsung integrate better in this aspect. In S3II, the functional representation is Samsung " network ", it includes " circle ", " Star " and " reading circle ", respectively, the integration of domestic mainstream social networks, online video, and online reading service, the user need only at an interface, you can see different social network friends information, to appreciate the rich online multimedia and reading materials, ease of use is very high.

Overall, as an old brand mobile phone manufacturers, and Samsung has been demonstrated outstanding consistently in the Chinese market, the integration of industry resources, so as to enhance the product localization function will have an advantage, S3 as the Samsung's flagship model, is the advantage of centralized experience. From this point of view, Samsung is more adaptable to the Chinese market than Apple.

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