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The iPad Buying Guidance

Compared to the iPad, the new iPad six upgrade are as follows: resolution upgrade to the 2048 × 1536; equipped Apple A5X dual-core processors; rear camera pixels upgrading to 5 million; rear camera supports 1080p video playback; support for voice search function; support 4G LTE network.

Packaging and Appearance:
The minimalist design is Apple's style, and continue this in the new iPad box. Side of the image of the front of the box the new iPad, angle, position and iPad 2 the same, only difference from the default wallpaper, right and left sides are the words of the "iPad".

Box on the bottom of the back of the mainstream has marked mainstream models stickers, we have reviewed the new white 64GB 3G version iPad licensed, code-named "MD371CH / A the iPad the WLAN, Cellular, 64GB White" model global harmonization for the A1430. Inside the box is also equipped with licensed logo - "Apple Product Warranty Voucher.

Three Guarantees certificate Note there are two points worthy of our attention: 1. Terms of Service and Warranty Regulations discrepancies prevail Warranty Regulations and the Three Guarantees certificate content.

The new iPad behind the protective plastic sticker attached to the network permits, so get rid of the plastic sheets will not affect the overall appearance of the new iPad.

The biggest difference between mainstream and parallel of the Three Guarantees certificate is also a new iPad, Once you have by virtue of the Three Guarantees certificate for warranty, the parallel is not.

New iPad length / width / thick 241.2/185.7/9.4mm, weighs 652g (WiFi Edition) / 662g (WiFi +3 G version), compared to the previous generation product thickness increased to 0.6mm and weighs 50 grams. The licensed version of the new iPad on the back of the region indicated at the bottom of the Device Properties: portable computer (WCDMA wireless data terminal).

New iPad to be consistent in appearance and iPad2, including the location of each button layout did not change. The difference is that the new Apple iPad Retina screen resolution of 2048 × 1536, four times the previous generation products.

The new iPad camera than previous generations and a significant improvement after the iPad 2 rear camera 700 000 pixels are now 5 million. Users can take to shoot 1080p HD video clips. At the top of the screen is the front camera of the new iPad, and the iPad 2 front camera, a VGA standard, you can shoot 640 × 480 photo. The main role of the front camera is used for the Apple device between Facetime.

The new iPad 9.7 inches Retina display with 2048 × 1536 resolution, color saturation to 44%, within the same 9.7 inches of screen space, the number of pixels as much as 3.1 million. Delicate and bright screen, the naked eye it seems little grainy. Found and iPad2 contrast, the new iPad screen color performance upgrade, this is the best currently commercially available flat panel computer screen a.

The carrying A5X processor

New iPad biggest upgrade in the hardware configuration is equipped with a A5X processor, which is a dual-core processors with quad-core GPU (graphics processor), rather than a quad-core processors. At its core is based on ARM technology, clocked at 1GHz dual-core SOC and a quad-core GPU. New iPad memory upgrade from the previous generation of 512M to 1G, in addition to built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip and 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi chip.

It can be seen from the comparison chart, new iPad graphics processing capacity of the strongest, but did not reach Apple claimed four times the performance at the iPad 2. In addition to the graphics processing power, new iPad and iPad2 performance is not much different.

New iPad GLBenchmark 2.1.1 test, Egypt scene (turn off vertical sync) the score for 140fps, fraction up to 60% increase over the iPad 2 of 90fps; NVIDIA Tegra 2 scores only 25fps in accordance with the online reference data, 1 times higher than the Tegra scores.

PRO testing session new iPad score of 250fps, about 70% higher than the iPad 2, compared with NVIDA Tegra 2, the score gap of up to six times; online reference data are still to be compared with the Tegra scores out three times.

New iPad GLBenchmark 2.1.1 test, Egypt scene (turn off vertical sync) the score for 140fps, fraction up to 60% increase over the iPad 2 of 90fps; NVIDIA Tegra 2 scores only 25fps in accordance with the online reference data, 1 times higher than the Tegra scores.

Battery life

The battery used in the new iPad does have an upgrade, new iPad battery per hour of electricity supply has been upgraded to 42 watts (iPad 2 to 25 watts), but the new iPad charging the time spent a few hours more than iPad 2. In addition, after a long period of charging the lower left corner of the new iPad will become the hot

Apple claims to the new iPad after the upgrade screen and performance, battery life is still up to 10 hours. In our evaluation of the normal use of the three and a half hours, the screen brightness raised to 80 percent, electricity use by about 45%, a slight discrepancy with the official data.

iOS 5.1.1 operating system

The new iPad comes with iOS 5.1 operating system, to reflect the differences in the new iPad rear camera to take photographs to support recognition, entry content to support voice input. Unfortunately, and Siri, voice input also does not support Chinese. However, in ios 6 Siri will support Chinese.


Apple provide a new 4G LTE network in two versions of the iPad. They are compatible with 3G HSPA + network in other parts of the world. However, in the country does not support 4G network by Unicom the WCDMA 3G network so that the new iPad Internet network at any time to complete the internet connection is required in order to carry out the operation, such as e-mail news updates Check out the latest microblogging play line on the game and so on.

The 3G version of the new iPad microSIM card or cut the card after the SIM card is inserted, the system can identify the operator, followed by "Settings - cellular data-APN settings set the APN of the access point (to Unicom fill 3gnet mobile fill cmnet users can use the password blank) data network. Unicom WCDMA card is inserted, the system will automatically display the name of the operator, later you will be prompted to update the carrier settings update after change to "China Unicom".

In the case of 3G network, Wi-Fi +3 G version of the new iPad can also automatically switch to the 2G, including China Unicom and Mobile's GPRS, EDGE, but the speed will naturally be slower.

Built-in GPS chip to support A-GPS:

In addition, the 3G version of the new iPad built-in GPS chip and supports A-GPS, enabling it to precise positioning in the pre-installed map.

Upgrade the new iPad iOS 5.1 operating system, bringing a number of new applications, including newly added iPhoto as well as a variety of exclusive applications.


iPhoto's basic philosophy is that most of the editing features to add to this application, put them together to. This is a function of the whole lot of applications, you can use it to do a lot of very specific photo editing, including the adjustment of the exposure and tone, polished (through multi-touch gestures), crop, rotate, repair, and so on. The application has built a series of the Instagram style retro filter, it can also add a photo corners, photo looks ablation and old.

Camera test:

New iPad also has two front and rear camera, the screen above is a 300,000 pixel camera can be used to facetime video calls; while the back is equipped with a 5 million pixel back-illuminated camera, five optical lenses, infrared filters, auto-focus, auto exposure, aperture f/2.4, and to support 1080P video capture, but the new iPad is still not configured flash.

Summary and purchase recommendations:

New iPad did not give us much of a surprise, but the higher resolution screen, a higher pixel camera, enhanced graphics performance is still allowed to occupy the top spot in flat-panel market. But look at the flat areas, such as Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD high with those firms iPad, or to occupy a low-end market such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, and even Google and Microsoft have released a self-tablet, the entire flat panel industry is moving in the direction of diversification , coupled with future Windows 8 tablet, this competition will become more intense, Apple also will not be easy.

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