Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SamsungS3 VS iPhone4S—Which do you want?

If ask you pick out the strongest two smart phones in digital gadgets market, which two would you choose? I do not know is there someone will make such a choice - Samsung GALAXY S3 and iPhone 4S, in the one hand is representative of the powerful hardware and the system to occupy half of the robot Legion, another represent the fruits of the most outstanding ecosystems army. The two phones have different interfaces and systems; we compare the two phones in three aspects that are file transfer, user-friendly features, and hardware.

The Apple system has been known to be closed, not only the phone connected to the computer to transfer files is very troublesome, and the difficulty of the file transfer between the phone is also not convenient, escape became some users’ choice. In contrast, the openness of the Anddroid system for file system and shared systems to bring a good foundation, our earliest times may be very troublesome to copy files (even for the average user than the iOS system a lot easier.), and later may be sent by e-mail attachments, and then Download down; Bluetooth after the Android 1.6 system played a role, can be used to close fast file transfer, but it seems a bit slow .. ; now we see in the telecommunications version of Samsung GALAXY S3 above a "rapid transfer" function, the English called "S-Beam,"

Human experience: Samsung GALAXY S3 leading. Smartphone hardware is powerful enough and the manufactures start attention to the emphasis on human-computer interaction and user-friendly features. Undeniable that Apple iOS system is very good, but in terms of intelligent human-computer interaction, the iPhone 4S and telecommunications Edition Samsung GALAXY S3 who can show better?

In fact, from the Samsung GALAXY S3's conference will be able to feel the great importance of the Samsung emphasize the user-friendly interactive experience. Telecommunications Edition Samsung GALAXY S3 has a lot of motion-sensing projects, including the famous Smart Stay Smart Sleep function, it can help the mobile phone automatically detects the human eye, in order to automatically determine whether to turn off the screen. Give a simple example, if you watch the e-book, you do not have to worry about the phone to automatically lock the screen will turn off the screen - as long as you still watch the phone's screen has been lit; if you fall asleep on the screen will burn out, very intelligent and humane.

The last item we will compare the two phones’ hardware. Apple iPhone 4S uses a dual-core A5 processor, GPU part is Imagination company's PowerVR SGX543 with 512MB RAM, the maximum normal operation when the CPU frequency is locked in the 800Mhz; telecommunications Samsung GALAXY S3 uses a 32nm quad-core Exynos4412 processor part of the ARM Mali-400, GPU has 1GB of RAM than Apple iPhone 4S doubled, CPU clocked at up to 1.5GHz.

In addition, the process technology also should be included to consider on the one hand. Apple iPhone 4S inside using the dual-core A5 chip model S5L8940, 45nm process, to be weaker than the Samsung GALAXY S3 a Exynos4412 32-nanometer process, the concrete manifestation of life and heat control may be weaker.

Both two phones have the highest level of the electronic gadgets market. Released last year, iPhone 4S, in many aspects has been difficult to compete to the latest quad-core Android phone, the only is iOS good ecological system so that the 4S still a certain degree of competitiveness; the Samsung GALAXY S3’s S Beam, transmission, user-friendly experience, and the overall hardware configuration, including in full in the article mentioned at the beginning of the screen is almost beyond the iPhone 4S. If you intend to select a phone, then you should think about these two phones carefully. Then choose the best phones for yourself!

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