Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smart Phones Quad-core Age—China Is On The Way

In recent years, the digital gadgets’ develop is fast, you may purchase a mobile phone, but tomorrow it is out of style, especially, nowadays, the competition in smart phone market. The smart phone industry is undergoing a period of rapid development, the growing demand for global market sales of smartphones have upgrade repeatedly; the hardware technology development is also leaps and bounds. 2011, we are still amazed that the smart phone industry has entered the era of dual-core and the performance is improved significantly. 2012, we found that the quad-core mobile phone began to emerge in a new age and our closer and closer.

In fact, the CES conference in January, some manufacturers have exhibited to the smart phone with quad-core processors first. Subsequent MWC exhibition, including HTC, Huawei, LG, ZTE and other vendors have announced a quad-core mobile phone products, four of the nuclear age, the curtain was officially opened. With the official listing of the HTC One X, as well as Android annual benchmark in the field of Samsung GALAXY SIII release quad-core heat this summer was detonated, becoming the focus of consumer concern.

The quad-core age is coming, which perhaps faster than we expected, but it is only the tendency of technology development. However, the observation has been announced quad-core mobile phone, we found that the industry pattern is quietly detect changes. The smart phone market in the past, high-end areas tend to be international brands dominate, while Chinese manufacturers the performance of the color, now, many have been published in the quad-core mobile phone, from China's power actually accounted for more than half.

In the MWC, Huawei is the first one to release its quad-core flagship of Ascend D the Quad, the HTC from Taiwan also release One X, the two products become the focus of this exhibition, while the latter is now on sale become the first officially listed on the quad-core mobile phone. In addition, ZTE, Tianyu also in this exhibition on display at the quad-core mobile phone. While the other two companies in the domestic highly popular Meizu has officially announced the quad-core version of the MX product will be listed in the next month; and millet, although there is no movement, but if the M2 do not use the quad-core processors, it is clear Also I'm sorry "fans" expectations.

Compared to domestic brands, international brands, only LG and Samsung announced the quad-core products. Only from the number of Chinese brands in the quad-core high-end mobile phone market this year, has had accounted for opportunities. Until thousands of smart phones as the main battlefield of the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers to enter the high-end field is undoubtedly a positive signal.

With the advantage of low prices, such as ZTE, Huawei and other branded have good sales, accounted for a large market share, but the low-end products and can not bring profit, and may even cause loss. From the perspective of long-term sustainable development, high-margin high-end products for manufacturers of great significance, but for research and development costs, technical strength, brand influence and other factors before the domestic manufacturers in the high end and not much as. Now, by virtue of the previous accumulation, such as Huawei, ZTE, Meizu brand has the strength to enter the high-end segment, which undoubtedly is a good start. And in recent news, that OPPO also get the chance to be on of the best windows phones manufactures, according to these situations, we may be astonished by this imminent competitor.

Another point is more pleased that published several quad-core smartphone, the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, on the strength of the core technology, also began to achieve a breakthrough. For example, Huawei Ascend D Quad, is a self-designed the Hass K3V2 processor, and the technical aspects of the industry-leading standards changed until the domestic manufacturers depend on the situation of the chip giant Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Nvidia, etc..

Meizu MX quad-core version use Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core processors is also worth our praise, this product is released even earlier than Samsung's own GALAXY, SIII, but before its M9 and MX should be late-generation products at Samsung more than six months, we can see, after the previous three generations of product, Meizu on the technical side has been a profound accumulation.

We all know China is a big electronic gadgets consumption country and China has the greatest potential, the fastest-growing smart phone market, international brands have been increasing emphasis on the Chinese market. In such circumstances, we are pleased to see that domestic brands are still hold a large market, and began to fight back at the high end. Before low, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers may usher in a spring.

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