Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is It Wrong?——Nokia Choose Windows Phone

Nokia recently very bad, the stock fell $ 2 per share, maybe you find it really cheap, but you know that in 2007, Nokia shares more than 40 U.S. dollars per share. By the Windows Phone cannot be upgraded, and we will not make Windows Phone 8 devices listed in these two areas of reasons affecting the market confidence in Nokia's almost cleared.

Nokia should select Android? Recently, the kind of rumors and speculation have been gradually more and more recognized. In particular, the former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee. He left Apple in 1990, that time Apple has been so compelling. The Gassee has also Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, and Nokia's Board of Directors recommendations, it is recommended that Nokia uses the Android system.

Time to get back two years ago. The Apple iPhone has changed the world, Nokia is destined to become synonymous with the "tragedy", the Saipan is system contrast is almost comparable to DOS and Windows. Nokia, the former mobile phone giant will be what mobile operating system, speculation and controversy have never stopped. Motorola milestone success, "Nokia should adopt the Android system" sound has been in existence. Google executives have said that if Nokia Android system, Google will be welcomed.

So, why are there so many voices (including Google from time to time to Nokia or RIM table a welcome gesture), expressing the hope that Nokia and Android marriage?

Nokia Android, or Android also needs Nokia?

Standing on Nokia's point of view. Why should we consider Android it? View of the media and ordinary people is nothing more than Android is the most popular system. And Android's popularity is that this free open source system, so that all the mobile phone manufacturers can make a smart phone mobile phone at a lower cost, and have similar functionality and user experience with the iPhone.

But Nokia needs it? Yes, Nokia's Symbian unable to complete the network requirements of mobile devices, and Nokia all of a sudden take not of the same order of magnitude with the Ios mobile operating system. This large be attributed to the more adept at Nokia in the mobile phone hardware and industrial design.

Android is indeed a shortcut, a shortcut at the same time means that more intense competition than any other platform. Face of HTC and Samsung, as well as old rivals Motorola and Sony, whether it is a rising star still has the "fall by the wayside, Nokia's mobile phones may be slightly better with good texture and excellent quality. This is only "slightly better", because the experience of the Smartphone operating system becomes more important. Nokia how to innovate in terms of hardware and shape, they cannot reproduce once hand in Saipan system sits tight in the first share of the global moment of glory. To outsiders, this is probably not bring themselves to "Nokia employees and decision makers seem to mean more.

Look at the Android camp, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and ... The design strength of these brands is the world's top, but if compared with Nokia glimpses through the comparison of the product itself. The Lumia series embodies the Nokia hardware design remains the first-class level, by no means the Android camp, many manufacturers can easily imitate and surpass Google aware of this. Addition, similar to Google's acquisition of Motorola, as Nokia holds tens of thousands of mobile communications, as well as hardware design patent, once the marriage of the Android, is bound to enhance the resistance to the Android camp to face intellectual property charges.

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