Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Change in Cell Phone Market

Yesterday, you may very happy just because you got a Nokia N97, but when you wake up, Symbian system is out of style, you may prepare to buy a new one, which equipped with android or iOS, the update of digital gadgets is to fast that more that we can image. So, this article, I analysis the great change in the cell phone market.

We all know that Nokia was a giant before, but when Nokia announced on the 27th, will be closed the last factory in September in Finland. The overlord of the mobile phone manufacturing, several recent spread the news of layoffs and plant closings. Sat 14 years of Nokia in the mobile phone market share on the throne, to hand over the top spot in the first quarter of this year, Samsung's successful ascent. 1998, Nokia replaced Motorola.

Today, Motorola and Nokia, with a heavy sense of the name has lost the aura of the past. Apple by virtue of the innovation momentary limelight without the two; Samsung constant imitation learning with rapid skill to seize the market; young HTC sprint to catch up, LG, Sony re-locate to find direction; domestic mobile phone brands are also to introduce new competition for market share.

Rise of the mobile phone market, but more than 10 years, in such a short time, this arena scene rise, sink, catch up, silence, the story of the disappearance of each vendor in the fight to write their own destiny. Who will become the next king? Samsung hardware is strong, but the software is considered to be a short board; more attention to profits than market share, Apple; young brand HTC is hot pursuit.

Nokia let out the Throne
Motorola did not continue to write brilliant in the 2G era, Nokia, crashed out of the battle in the 3G era, Apple and Samsung to come from behind.

Review these changes in the mobile phone market, "great change" arrogant, 1997, Nokia replaced Motorola to usher in their own first Motorola the peak time. But by 2009, the pattern of the recurrence of the changes, Apple, Samsung, HTC began to emerge.

Today, Nokia smartphone market share of only 6.6%, not a smart functions to help Nokia re-donned the jersey of the king. Apple and Samsung to come from behind, respectively, in the profits and size to put up their banner.

However, the new strategy did not let the Nokia stand up. Since last year announced an alliance with Microsoft to create the outside Andrews and Apple ecosystem, Nokia began losses, and losses have been to the second quarter of this year, while the third quarter, Nokia CEO Elop said "remain difficult".

HTC "transition pains"

Behind Apple and Samsung, the same catch up with the HTC. This young brand has quickly jump red shipments were more than Apple, Samsung has become the United States market shipments in the first place manufacturers. HTC started relying on OEM machine Sea Strategy from HTC OEM cultural mentality of the period. The fourth quarter of last year, HTC has set the route of the "quality strategy" full sprint, high-end models HTC One series of product development, but also gave up the previously planned a range of products.

The series efforts of HTC in the Chinese market seem to have received the results. According to the Shiner consulting market research data, HTC, more than 1500 yuan price of the smartphone market in May, a market share of 13.3 percent, compared to 6.4 percent in April more than doubled, behind Samsung and Apple .

Silence, whether outbreak?
Catch-up behavior of the self-help with the Nokia and HTC, the same in the era of intelligent machines frustrated, Motorola, LG and other in the quiet state. Sony Ericsson disappear, "Sony" completely replace.

Motorola is considered to have been the Google "frozen". Google acquisition of Motorola, he caused a lot of conjecture, there is a Google's Andrew system will not continue to be fully free of charge. The old version will continue to provide to other manufacturers, but Google will Andrews into a semi-closed for Motorola to provide some special good version. But the reality is, Google Look on Motorola's lucrative patent accumulation, did not make any "preference" move on Motorola.

Similarly, the Korean companies LG and Samsung mobile phone business can be described as ice and fire. Samsung in 2003, began to enter the smartphone market, LG reaction is too slow until 2010, the product of smartphone. After entering the smartphone market, LG has been stagnant.

From this article, we can feel the great change in the digital electronics market, Moto, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, we don’t know what will be happen tomorrow, so just enjoy today.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mobile phone market will face the "red tide" soon?

Apple's earnings have been a number of consecutive quarter-expected? Even professional investors on Wall Street are also impossible to keep track. You can remember, since the advent of the Jobs and his iPod, Apple almost always are-expected, when the iPhone and the iPad are available, this ultra-expected is to become the default "normal". Do you think this is “normal” in digital gadgets market?

However, after Jobs left the the third quarter of July 25 earnings release, Apple let investors down: Apple quarter revenue growth of 22%; net profit rose 20.5 percent - the figure is still very glamorous, but sales of iPhone and iPad are not and analysts expected.

For Apple, the performance slowdown is not the nature of the problem lies! After all, iPhone5 yet to come, and will be released in the third quarter, will undoubtedly lead to greater sales incentives.

Apple's real problem is that, as one magic enterprise, it is "disenchantment". This disenchantment is not only reflected in the previous release, the new iPad bland, also reflected on being released in the rumored iPad Mini, these products did not produce any surprises, but continue to spend Apple's previously accumulated up "magic . "

Upcoming iPhone5 with a larger screen, higher resolution, there will be not a bigger surprise. iPhone before too successful manufacture of surprise is too large, so that this peak is difficult to continue to climb. To consumers, it also caused a strange psychological suggestion: Apple can always manufacture a miracle, I love Apple, but if Apple is no longer manufactured surprise?

When the iPhone was born, it does ahead of other vendors too, touch screen, mobile Internet, App Store, and other aspects all subversive. Naqiaobusi the words: at least three years ahead of other manufacturers tied the three-year gap between a blessing for three years to complete? After all, Apple still bolted in the way of innovation.

However, when the Retina screen, 10 million pixel camera has exceeded the limit of the naked eye experience, the apple in the original way of innovation may come to "end" - the end user experience of boundary.

In this case, winning in order to scale-to-bottom full force of Samsung, in terms of volume first and Apple pulled out of the distance. According to Juniper Research study on July 27, the second quarter, Samsung's smart phone shipments of 52.1 million over the same period Apple sold 26 million iPhones, a difference of more than half. Among them, the sales of the Galaxy S III in the two months reached 10 million, far distance iPhone.

If all mobile phone manufacturers with the Android software in imitation, to catch up with Apple, then, then in the hardware sector, MediaTek is becoming a cottage, made the new playground of the regular army. With the rapid rise of MediaTek chips Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Cool four kings also dubbed the cottage where the fighter.

Previously, China's local phone after three to imitate tide: the first round by the appliance manufacturers to launch around 2000, can become a paste shell imitation cottage; the second round of MediaTek collaborative Shenzhen many cottage small factories, the Design House have launched can be called a workshop custom cottage; the latest launch of a mainly Chinese, cool, together, the four manufacturers led to the use of Spreadtrum, MediaTek chips and the Android operating system expansion.

Although they are imitating, but the domestic manufacturers, or have been self-transcendence. The first generation to imitate machine to seize the new market, especially the four-tier cities and below market, the second generation to imitate machine has been customized to seize LG, Samsung and their low-end market, while the new generation of custom machine has become the number one killer of Nokia are, they have strong channel capacity and better R & D capabilities.

Therefore, when Android and MediaTek have the stage to build a good, smart-phone Happy Valley field is no longer technology as barriers, with the enterprise of this stage, the final competition is the marketing channels, cost control, as 10 years before the domestic appliance industry, thousands of small manufacturers of home appliances, far more than the cottage phone number of vendors.

It is in this context, marketing, channels, and cost control advantage of the business is also expected to succeed, for example, China, cool, together, they all have at least two of the three, that is to have at least two-tone can QUICKER. Lenovo since into the original ZTE, Huawei and take advantage of the channel operators, sales achieve a multiplier.Similarly, millet, OPPO their main technical marketing, advertising through traditional advertising or Twitter virus, Brain Washing, occupy space in a particular market segment; while the number of Internet phone play, it is stimulating with low-cost mobile phone value-added services to make money.

However, when the Lenovo began hoisting, copy the success of the PC field, the "red tide" of this industry is coming, there is no advantage in the channel, marketing, and cost is difficult for enterprises to survive. For example, the control of the second generation of the cottage manufacturers have three or four-wire channels by the impact of channel operators and electricity suppliers will be greatly reduced, it is difficult to copy the success in the past. 

So, all I can see about this”red tide” is the world of electronic gadgets is elusive. And the only we can do is enjoy low price from the development of digital electronics.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Top Five Cell Phones This Month

We all know that the development of digital gadgets is very fast, especially, in the fierce cell phone market, these are the top five cell phones in this month.

The next generation iPhone
The next generation iPhone Shell with a new design, the headphone jack is placed in the bottom of the fuselage, but also reduced the charger port size at the bottom of the fuselage, the latest news from foreign media, the interface will be the next generation iPhone The current 30-pin to 19 pin, and will be used more compact nanoSIM of cards.

In addition, the next generation iPhone will be a 4-inch touch screen and 7.6 mm ultra-slim body, coupled with the new design of the back cover, in appearance, the next generation of iPhone will be the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S show a clear distinction, Perhaps this is the wish of many fruit powder.

More expensive than the iPhone 4S - BlackBerry 9900
BlackBerry 9900 is located in the high-end market business smartphone, it is the most thinnest BlackBerry classic QWERTY keyboard design is also equipped with touch screen, while the continuation of the classic style enhanced the user experience. Sports car class carbon fiber back panel and stainless steel frame, compared with the BlackBerry 9900 has brought a better texture.

Hardware and software features, the BlackBerry 9900 uses the latest BlackBerry 7.1 operating system, with such as mobile hotspot, the NFC (Near Field Communication) function. It uses a 1.2GHz Qualcomm the Xiaolong S2 processor, equipped with 2.8-inch VGA touch screen, comes with 8GB of memory and supports microSD card expansion. In addition, the BlackBerry 9900 also has a 5 megapixel camera can shoot HD video.

1.5GHz dual-core big screen - Sony LT28h
Sony Xperia ion LT28h 4.6 inches HD (720 x 1280 pixels) grade touch screen, powered by the 1.5GHz frequency Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core processor with 16GB body memory, and running among the newer Android 4.0 operating system, also has a 1200 megapixel HD camera and 1840mAh battery, the overall configuration very well, is a flagship smart new machine.

The appearance of Samsung Jasper (SCH-I200) is sleek, great texture. The front of its body has a touch screen, screen size is expected to be 4.0 inches, the bottom of the screen are four touch keys, the top of the screen operators Version of Logo is that Samsung Jasper custom identity.

Samsung Jasper (SCH-I200), the back of the fuselage, it has a camera, but did not with the fill light, As for the configuration of the camera yet, no definite information. Before exposure information display, the Samsung Jasper will be equipped with Qualcomm the Xiaolong S4 MSM8960 dual-core processor, clocked at up to 1.5GHz, and the Android 4.0.3 system version, equipped with a WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) level display.

Sony LT26ii
Sony Xperia SL LT26ii's memory performance score of 1493 points, the CPU integer for 2404. Unfortunately, the total test score is not being released. It is worth mentioning is that the test information the Sony Xperia SL LT26ii, CPU frequency of 1674MHz, ie, 1.7GHz. From this point of view, this phone will be powered by Qualcomm Xiao Long S4 dual-core processors.

The Sony LT26i equipped with 1.5GHz parts, Xiao Long, Qualcomm dual-core processor, the message is displayed prior to exposure that Sony Xperia SL LT26ii processors will be improved. If the Xperia SL LT26ii be as such I guess, really use high-pass Xiaolong S4 dual-core processor, compared to its previous generation products, the performance of this phone will be improved significantly.

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New Leader in Chinese Cell Phone Market—Samsung S3

In the digital gadgets market, apple is dominant with iPhone, in the past few years is one branch alone beautiful. However, with the Android system develop and grow gradually, Apple also felt quite fierce offensive from Google products, especially most robust momentum from Samsung which with the trend to be the new leader in this phone maket.

As the flagship product from two companies, Samsung S3 and iPhone 4S, they confront inevitably. Especially in the electric version of the iPhone 4S listed for sale, two product competition is further expanded, from WCDMA extended to the field of CDMA 2000 field. The two companies are the growing importance of the Chinese market, in the fierce competition, who is the greater chance of winning?

iPhone intelligent mobile phone from iPhone 4 with a two 3G network version -- WCDMA and CDMA2000, and from 4S, CDMA2000's products have also entered the Chinese market, so the China Unicom and China telecom users can experience this product, it is also considered the apple in the Chinese market further power a performance.

By contrast, Samsung has been accumulated in China for many years and has more advantages in network system. From the previous generation S3, Samsung respectively for three operators introduced the system products, and the S3II also followed this, China Unicom, China Mobile WCDMA system I9100 TD-SCDMA's I9108 and China Telecom CDMA2000+GSM double need the I929, can fully meet the needs of different operators user needs.

The particular telecommunication version, although the latest telecommunication version of iPhone 4S also supports WCDMA/GSM network, but it is not the double need, the WCDMA/GSM network can only be used under the condition of international roaming. In comparison, the Samsung I929 double need design, more suitable for the needs of domestic users, especially the 3G still in the popularization stage, many users still retained the 2G number.

For Apple products, consumers are stunning in its excellent user experience at the same time, will understand its uncompromising side. Despite the Chinese market value degree increasing, but the fact of the matter is, apple did not do too much in the function localization improvement, but give the task to a third party application. But the third party application after all have their limitations, for the localization of application integration can be seen as a disadvantage of apple iPhone.

For example, take the most fiery application micro-blog, although iOS 5 published in the world, the integration of Twitter is the one large window, but in China it is not the integration of the native SNS services, users can not even from the gallery will share the photograph to the micro-blog, in other platform products have become accustomed to this point of the users, will be more trouble.

Samsung integrate better in this aspect. In S3II, the functional representation is Samsung " network ", it includes " circle ", " Star " and " reading circle ", respectively, the integration of domestic mainstream social networks, online video, and online reading service, the user need only at an interface, you can see different social network friends information, to appreciate the rich online multimedia and reading materials, ease of use is very high.

Overall, as an old brand mobile phone manufacturers, and Samsung has been demonstrated outstanding consistently in the Chinese market, the integration of industry resources, so as to enhance the product localization function will have an advantage, S3 as the Samsung's flagship model, is the advantage of centralized experience. From this point of view, Samsung is more adaptable to the Chinese market than Apple.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smart Phones Quad-core Age—China Is On The Way

In recent years, the digital gadgets’ develop is fast, you may purchase a mobile phone, but tomorrow it is out of style, especially, nowadays, the competition in smart phone market. The smart phone industry is undergoing a period of rapid development, the growing demand for global market sales of smartphones have upgrade repeatedly; the hardware technology development is also leaps and bounds. 2011, we are still amazed that the smart phone industry has entered the era of dual-core and the performance is improved significantly. 2012, we found that the quad-core mobile phone began to emerge in a new age and our closer and closer.

In fact, the CES conference in January, some manufacturers have exhibited to the smart phone with quad-core processors first. Subsequent MWC exhibition, including HTC, Huawei, LG, ZTE and other vendors have announced a quad-core mobile phone products, four of the nuclear age, the curtain was officially opened. With the official listing of the HTC One X, as well as Android annual benchmark in the field of Samsung GALAXY SIII release quad-core heat this summer was detonated, becoming the focus of consumer concern.

The quad-core age is coming, which perhaps faster than we expected, but it is only the tendency of technology development. However, the observation has been announced quad-core mobile phone, we found that the industry pattern is quietly detect changes. The smart phone market in the past, high-end areas tend to be international brands dominate, while Chinese manufacturers the performance of the color, now, many have been published in the quad-core mobile phone, from China's power actually accounted for more than half.

In the MWC, Huawei is the first one to release its quad-core flagship of Ascend D the Quad, the HTC from Taiwan also release One X, the two products become the focus of this exhibition, while the latter is now on sale become the first officially listed on the quad-core mobile phone. In addition, ZTE, Tianyu also in this exhibition on display at the quad-core mobile phone. While the other two companies in the domestic highly popular Meizu has officially announced the quad-core version of the MX product will be listed in the next month; and millet, although there is no movement, but if the M2 do not use the quad-core processors, it is clear Also I'm sorry "fans" expectations.

Compared to domestic brands, international brands, only LG and Samsung announced the quad-core products. Only from the number of Chinese brands in the quad-core high-end mobile phone market this year, has had accounted for opportunities. Until thousands of smart phones as the main battlefield of the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers to enter the high-end field is undoubtedly a positive signal.

With the advantage of low prices, such as ZTE, Huawei and other branded have good sales, accounted for a large market share, but the low-end products and can not bring profit, and may even cause loss. From the perspective of long-term sustainable development, high-margin high-end products for manufacturers of great significance, but for research and development costs, technical strength, brand influence and other factors before the domestic manufacturers in the high end and not much as. Now, by virtue of the previous accumulation, such as Huawei, ZTE, Meizu brand has the strength to enter the high-end segment, which undoubtedly is a good start. And in recent news, that OPPO also get the chance to be on of the best windows phones manufactures, according to these situations, we may be astonished by this imminent competitor.

Another point is more pleased that published several quad-core smartphone, the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, on the strength of the core technology, also began to achieve a breakthrough. For example, Huawei Ascend D Quad, is a self-designed the Hass K3V2 processor, and the technical aspects of the industry-leading standards changed until the domestic manufacturers depend on the situation of the chip giant Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Nvidia, etc..

Meizu MX quad-core version use Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core processors is also worth our praise, this product is released even earlier than Samsung's own GALAXY, SIII, but before its M9 and MX should be late-generation products at Samsung more than six months, we can see, after the previous three generations of product, Meizu on the technical side has been a profound accumulation.

We all know China is a big electronic gadgets consumption country and China has the greatest potential, the fastest-growing smart phone market, international brands have been increasing emphasis on the Chinese market. In such circumstances, we are pleased to see that domestic brands are still hold a large market, and began to fight back at the high end. Before low, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers may usher in a spring.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SamsungS3 VS iPhone4S—Which do you want?

If ask you pick out the strongest two smart phones in digital gadgets market, which two would you choose? I do not know is there someone will make such a choice - Samsung GALAXY S3 and iPhone 4S, in the one hand is representative of the powerful hardware and the system to occupy half of the robot Legion, another represent the fruits of the most outstanding ecosystems army. The two phones have different interfaces and systems; we compare the two phones in three aspects that are file transfer, user-friendly features, and hardware.

The Apple system has been known to be closed, not only the phone connected to the computer to transfer files is very troublesome, and the difficulty of the file transfer between the phone is also not convenient, escape became some users’ choice. In contrast, the openness of the Anddroid system for file system and shared systems to bring a good foundation, our earliest times may be very troublesome to copy files (even for the average user than the iOS system a lot easier.), and later may be sent by e-mail attachments, and then Download down; Bluetooth after the Android 1.6 system played a role, can be used to close fast file transfer, but it seems a bit slow .. ; now we see in the telecommunications version of Samsung GALAXY S3 above a "rapid transfer" function, the English called "S-Beam,"

Human experience: Samsung GALAXY S3 leading. Smartphone hardware is powerful enough and the manufactures start attention to the emphasis on human-computer interaction and user-friendly features. Undeniable that Apple iOS system is very good, but in terms of intelligent human-computer interaction, the iPhone 4S and telecommunications Edition Samsung GALAXY S3 who can show better?

In fact, from the Samsung GALAXY S3's conference will be able to feel the great importance of the Samsung emphasize the user-friendly interactive experience. Telecommunications Edition Samsung GALAXY S3 has a lot of motion-sensing projects, including the famous Smart Stay Smart Sleep function, it can help the mobile phone automatically detects the human eye, in order to automatically determine whether to turn off the screen. Give a simple example, if you watch the e-book, you do not have to worry about the phone to automatically lock the screen will turn off the screen - as long as you still watch the phone's screen has been lit; if you fall asleep on the screen will burn out, very intelligent and humane.

The last item we will compare the two phones’ hardware. Apple iPhone 4S uses a dual-core A5 processor, GPU part is Imagination company's PowerVR SGX543 with 512MB RAM, the maximum normal operation when the CPU frequency is locked in the 800Mhz; telecommunications Samsung GALAXY S3 uses a 32nm quad-core Exynos4412 processor part of the ARM Mali-400, GPU has 1GB of RAM than Apple iPhone 4S doubled, CPU clocked at up to 1.5GHz.

In addition, the process technology also should be included to consider on the one hand. Apple iPhone 4S inside using the dual-core A5 chip model S5L8940, 45nm process, to be weaker than the Samsung GALAXY S3 a Exynos4412 32-nanometer process, the concrete manifestation of life and heat control may be weaker.

Both two phones have the highest level of the electronic gadgets market. Released last year, iPhone 4S, in many aspects has been difficult to compete to the latest quad-core Android phone, the only is iOS good ecological system so that the 4S still a certain degree of competitiveness; the Samsung GALAXY S3’s S Beam, transmission, user-friendly experience, and the overall hardware configuration, including in full in the article mentioned at the beginning of the screen is almost beyond the iPhone 4S. If you intend to select a phone, then you should think about these two phones carefully. Then choose the best phones for yourself!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Five Advantages of iPhone5 Using the Next Generation of IN-CELL

Recently, the news from Wall Street: It is said that the next generation iPhone could use a new screen panel, that is, in-cell touch screen panel. As many touch screen devices, today's iPhone uses something called "On-cell panel technology, touch-sensitive panel on the top of the color filter panel thickness of 0.5mm below. But the combination of in-cell technology can merge touch-sensitive layer and the color filter layer.

Therefore, it is obvious that the next generation iPhone can get the benefits of in-cell technology, reduce thickness. In-cell screen can only make the iPhone to reduce the thickness of 0.5mm less than, but considering the Kuo Ming-pool, an analyst has said that the next generation iPhone may go back to metal materials, without and then now the glass shell, which would also reduce the thickness of 1mm. Sounds reduced thickness, but in our hands, can still feel the improvement.

Screen improvement is one of the in-cell touch screen panel. We have such experience, when we tear a protective film, suddenly felt a lot of screen clarity. That is because the light to penetrate more layers, the picture clarity is the worse. Mentioned above, less a layer of the screen, in-cell theory, the picture of the screen than on the screen of the-cell should be clear.
The screen is thinner will reduce the mean weight, unless Apple also add other parts. If Apple, as the rumors said, the increase in the size of the screen, so that the overall weight of the iPhone may be no significant change.

Screen thinner, space increases, Apple also has more space to expand the battery. IPhone battery life have become increasingly demanding, and Apple to upgrade the hardware at the same time to ensure that the battery life, Apple's solution is to use a larger battery. In the space vacated by the-cell screen, if Apple does not consider the iPhone be thinner, the next step will be to consider the bigger iPhone battery, improve iPhone battery life.

Finally, in-cell technology to Apple's supplier manufacturing process more efficient, lower failure rates. Although more difficult to produce in-cell screen, but reduces the time a manufacturer of adhesive layers of the screen. If suppliers break the technical difficulties, to speed up the production efficiency is not a problem. The traditional on-cell, screen production efficiency has reached a bottleneck; it is difficult to get a breakthrough.

Next generation’s iPhone take the in-cell technology bring them many advantages, and I am not sure if other electronic manufactures can contend with Apple, This article “Samsung VS iPhone(Q2)—How Do You Think About It? “, we know Samsung’s sales surpass iPhone, but after iPhone use the in-cell technology, how do you think about it? This is a vague topic in electronic gadgets world.

Source: china electronic digital gadgets (http://yljasam.blogspot.com)

Monday, July 23, 2012

How Much Do You Know About Nokia N9?

Nokia as an electronic gadgets giant, it experienced a flourishing and decline. As their N9, which can be a great leap for them? There are so many highlights in Nokia N9New concept, new design, new experience and so forth. In fact, many users may purchase it just because their perfect shape, and after use the phone, they will find this phone, the beauty of the phone not only in appearance, subversive SWIPE concept and a new MeeGo system also brings a unique navigation experience. Nokia N9, we see a lot of the details improvements carefully, it is these improvements, so that the user experience of Nokia N9 enhance greatly.

 In N9 display the top of the touch region, we can still achieve a traditional touch, such as clicking an icon or link, fingers kneading zoom pictures; but the difference is that, when sliding inward from the outside edge of the screen, the system interface there will be more response in order to achieve the unlock, multi-task to switch off the application functionalities. Specifically, from the screen border outside left to right or from right to left sliding switch between the three windows (Detailed below); from sliding down move will close the current application; applications from online program will be the shortcut bar. This new design, the benefits between the various interface you can quickly switch without having to go through the double-click or a long press a button to achieve the vision in terms of more intuitive.

 In order to better achieve this sliding operation, the Nokia N9 edge of the glass of the screen arc processing, users can more easily find the edge of the screen, so that the sliding manipulation becomes more natural.

  And Android, MeeGo no independent can add the Widget standby screen, but because of the three Windows interface is more intuitive, more simple operation, so for convenience and does not reduce. Especially in the window of the multi-tasking, we can intuitively see the daemon, you can easily turn off, compared to Android to be more efficient.

 Nokia N9 impressive Another detail is to activate the phone screen from standby. First of all, in the standby mode, the screen of the Nokia N9 will display the time, and because of the AMOLED screen features, and no additional power consumption, because the black areas are non-luminous power consumption. In addition, in the standby state, we just double-click will be able to activate the screen, compared to a lot of mobile phones limited to be a lot easier to press a physical button.

Of course, when it comes to the Nokia N9, we have to talk about NFC. As more and more operating systems and devices to support the NFC short-range wireless communications technology that many consumers understand. Through touch, users will be able to NFC-enabled devices paired quickly and share pictures, contacts and other information, save a lot of tedious validation.

 Nokia N9, as well as a can use the NFC technology is a popular game "angry bird". Different versions and other platforms, Nokia N9, we can use the NFC device to unlock the barriers, and there are a lot of fresh role, greatly increased playability. If you no other NFC phones it does not matter, in fact the most common public transport IC card is the NFC technology, we can use it to unlock the barriers.

Just as the design of Nokia: great design is to do the subtraction instead of doing the addition. In the N9, we see that Nokia has made many improvements in detail, these improvements are for the easier control, so that the user experience upgrade to a whole new level. If your impression on N9 just "no follow" to the minimalist design before, now, you should understand that it is a sufficient wonderful, smart phone worth having.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The iPad Buying Guidance

Compared to the iPad, the new iPad six upgrade are as follows: resolution upgrade to the 2048 × 1536; equipped Apple A5X dual-core processors; rear camera pixels upgrading to 5 million; rear camera supports 1080p video playback; support for voice search function; support 4G LTE network.

Packaging and Appearance:
The minimalist design is Apple's style, and continue this in the new iPad box. Side of the image of the front of the box the new iPad, angle, position and iPad 2 the same, only difference from the default wallpaper, right and left sides are the words of the "iPad".

Box on the bottom of the back of the mainstream has marked mainstream models stickers, we have reviewed the new white 64GB 3G version iPad licensed, code-named "MD371CH / A the iPad the WLAN, Cellular, 64GB White" model global harmonization for the A1430. Inside the box is also equipped with licensed logo - "Apple Product Warranty Voucher.

Three Guarantees certificate Note there are two points worthy of our attention: 1. Terms of Service and Warranty Regulations discrepancies prevail Warranty Regulations and the Three Guarantees certificate content.

The new iPad behind the protective plastic sticker attached to the network permits, so get rid of the plastic sheets will not affect the overall appearance of the new iPad.

The biggest difference between mainstream and parallel of the Three Guarantees certificate is also a new iPad, Once you have by virtue of the Three Guarantees certificate for warranty, the parallel is not.

New iPad length / width / thick 241.2/185.7/9.4mm, weighs 652g (WiFi Edition) / 662g (WiFi +3 G version), compared to the previous generation product thickness increased to 0.6mm and weighs 50 grams. The licensed version of the new iPad on the back of the region indicated at the bottom of the Device Properties: portable computer (WCDMA wireless data terminal).

New iPad to be consistent in appearance and iPad2, including the location of each button layout did not change. The difference is that the new Apple iPad Retina screen resolution of 2048 × 1536, four times the previous generation products.

The new iPad camera than previous generations and a significant improvement after the iPad 2 rear camera 700 000 pixels are now 5 million. Users can take to shoot 1080p HD video clips. At the top of the screen is the front camera of the new iPad, and the iPad 2 front camera, a VGA standard, you can shoot 640 × 480 photo. The main role of the front camera is used for the Apple device between Facetime.

The new iPad 9.7 inches Retina display with 2048 × 1536 resolution, color saturation to 44%, within the same 9.7 inches of screen space, the number of pixels as much as 3.1 million. Delicate and bright screen, the naked eye it seems little grainy. Found and iPad2 contrast, the new iPad screen color performance upgrade, this is the best currently commercially available flat panel computer screen a.

The carrying A5X processor

New iPad biggest upgrade in the hardware configuration is equipped with a A5X processor, which is a dual-core processors with quad-core GPU (graphics processor), rather than a quad-core processors. At its core is based on ARM technology, clocked at 1GHz dual-core SOC and a quad-core GPU. New iPad memory upgrade from the previous generation of 512M to 1G, in addition to built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip and 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi chip.

It can be seen from the comparison chart, new iPad graphics processing capacity of the strongest, but did not reach Apple claimed four times the performance at the iPad 2. In addition to the graphics processing power, new iPad and iPad2 performance is not much different.

New iPad GLBenchmark 2.1.1 test, Egypt scene (turn off vertical sync) the score for 140fps, fraction up to 60% increase over the iPad 2 of 90fps; NVIDIA Tegra 2 scores only 25fps in accordance with the online reference data, 1 times higher than the Tegra scores.

PRO testing session new iPad score of 250fps, about 70% higher than the iPad 2, compared with NVIDA Tegra 2, the score gap of up to six times; online reference data are still to be compared with the Tegra scores out three times.

New iPad GLBenchmark 2.1.1 test, Egypt scene (turn off vertical sync) the score for 140fps, fraction up to 60% increase over the iPad 2 of 90fps; NVIDIA Tegra 2 scores only 25fps in accordance with the online reference data, 1 times higher than the Tegra scores.

Battery life

The battery used in the new iPad does have an upgrade, new iPad battery per hour of electricity supply has been upgraded to 42 watts (iPad 2 to 25 watts), but the new iPad charging the time spent a few hours more than iPad 2. In addition, after a long period of charging the lower left corner of the new iPad will become the hot

Apple claims to the new iPad after the upgrade screen and performance, battery life is still up to 10 hours. In our evaluation of the normal use of the three and a half hours, the screen brightness raised to 80 percent, electricity use by about 45%, a slight discrepancy with the official data.

iOS 5.1.1 operating system

The new iPad comes with iOS 5.1 operating system, to reflect the differences in the new iPad rear camera to take photographs to support recognition, entry content to support voice input. Unfortunately, and Siri, voice input also does not support Chinese. However, in ios 6 Siri will support Chinese.


Apple provide a new 4G LTE network in two versions of the iPad. They are compatible with 3G HSPA + network in other parts of the world. However, in the country does not support 4G network by Unicom the WCDMA 3G network so that the new iPad Internet network at any time to complete the internet connection is required in order to carry out the operation, such as e-mail news updates Check out the latest microblogging play line on the game and so on.

The 3G version of the new iPad microSIM card or cut the card after the SIM card is inserted, the system can identify the operator, followed by "Settings - cellular data-APN settings set the APN of the access point (to Unicom fill 3gnet mobile fill cmnet users can use the password blank) data network. Unicom WCDMA card is inserted, the system will automatically display the name of the operator, later you will be prompted to update the carrier settings update after change to "China Unicom".

In the case of 3G network, Wi-Fi +3 G version of the new iPad can also automatically switch to the 2G, including China Unicom and Mobile's GPRS, EDGE, but the speed will naturally be slower.

Built-in GPS chip to support A-GPS:

In addition, the 3G version of the new iPad built-in GPS chip and supports A-GPS, enabling it to precise positioning in the pre-installed map.

Upgrade the new iPad iOS 5.1 operating system, bringing a number of new applications, including newly added iPhoto as well as a variety of exclusive applications.


iPhoto's basic philosophy is that most of the editing features to add to this application, put them together to. This is a function of the whole lot of applications, you can use it to do a lot of very specific photo editing, including the adjustment of the exposure and tone, polished (through multi-touch gestures), crop, rotate, repair, and so on. The application has built a series of the Instagram style retro filter, it can also add a photo corners, photo looks ablation and old.

Camera test:

New iPad also has two front and rear camera, the screen above is a 300,000 pixel camera can be used to facetime video calls; while the back is equipped with a 5 million pixel back-illuminated camera, five optical lenses, infrared filters, auto-focus, auto exposure, aperture f/2.4, and to support 1080P video capture, but the new iPad is still not configured flash.

Summary and purchase recommendations:

New iPad did not give us much of a surprise, but the higher resolution screen, a higher pixel camera, enhanced graphics performance is still allowed to occupy the top spot in flat-panel market. But look at the flat areas, such as Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD high with those firms iPad, or to occupy a low-end market such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, and even Google and Microsoft have released a self-tablet, the entire flat panel industry is moving in the direction of diversification , coupled with future Windows 8 tablet, this competition will become more intense, Apple also will not be easy.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Children’s Eyesight Killer—Too Many Crazy Digital Gadgets

These two days, Mexico City Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Pediatric Ophthalmology MD, deputy director Sherry was a bit busy. With the arrival of the summer, to seek treatment for children up. In recent years, She is very worried about the trend, with the development of digital gadgets, there is a vision problems of children younger and younger age, which leads to vision loss and the biggest factor is the computer and mobile phone. For this, children's education experts called, do not use electronic gadgets to spend the time of the child, parents should give more love and attention to s their children.

One-year-old child playing ipad, almost as strabismus
Ms. daughter of Mexico City harbor area Jreey just two years old this year and a half, though she is small, But in the one-year-old a few months time, a young ipad master. "In the past, to see her play ipad feeling quite proud of their own child is the smartest and so small will be able to play mobile phones, computers, turning various functions, looking for games, watching videos, and more powerful!" Jreey Ms. did not know The small screen, but the impact on children is enormous.

Until the 2-year-old daughter, her hair cut short because of hot weather one day, Ms. Jreey suddenly found the child's eyes that something was amiss children, "She always rubbed my eyes, thought it was long hair, tie, and had never read carefully the eye Ren. see only surprised, my God, there is an eye jen how not moving? "family memories, considered that ipad blame.

"This child see ipad addictive, is not called is not payable to, if not more attractive things to change, refuse to let out." Ms. This Jreey find her daughter to play a little overdone.Whole family is very tight, the daughter of a pair of water Lingling big eyes are the most beautiful features, this was strabismus can gnaw good?

Jreey Ms. gratified found timely, decisive and confiscated ipad, six months later, her daughter's eyes resumed unabated, "in order to let her 'relapse', I always take my ipad get the office to hide." Jreey Ms daughter, eye problems, she had consulted many ophthalmic professionals, so she was surprised that the minimum age of the populations in children's vision problems have been reduced to two to three years, the culprit is electronic products .

Playing video games, in January as myopia
Speaking of her daughter's vision, now Mexico's Candy ladies distressed cope. Last summer, she went to Mexico Training, 11-year-old daughter fell madly in love with video games, her training a month back, found that her daughter has been able to extricate themselves.

"She's hardly an eyes started playing video games, played with eyes red." When her daughter told her often feel dizzy, Candy Ms. quickly took her to Mexico, an Eye Hospital checkups, did not think a month before time, fourth-grade daughter has 200 degrees of myopia.

Sherry doctors, eye development suitable distance, generally six meters away, the eyes will relax and adjust. Long-term close the eyes, eye blink to reduce eye development, especially playing the game, intently focused too, less secretion of the lacrimal gland, can cause dry eyes. "

When the eye doctor more than 30 years, so Sherry's deepest thoughts and feelings, or nearly five years of change, "before kindergarten admission physical examination or periodic inspection, the basic myopic children, most child care vision will continue to exist 200 degrees of hyperopia." But as the electronic the richness of the product, 3-year-old children medical examination 10% of the myopic trend. In 2006, the hospital there is no pediatric ophthalmology department, "A while back, going to the mountains a primary clinic, that schools can only detect four low vision, and urban students in a class 20% of the eyesight of students problem. "

Once a child a is often Rouyan, eyes closed, sensitive to light should be rushed to the hospital to check, "most of myopia in children are caused by acquired eye properly, recommended for children 6 months later to the hospital to conduct the vision screening, the children watch TV, computer , play cell phone over 20 minutes is necessary to take a break, and parents should take their children to outdoor sports. "

The growth of love “electronic children”, need to accompany
Addicted to electronic products, In addition to disturbances of vision, the physical effects are obvious, such as the media repeatedly reported that "mobile phone hands" "SMS neck" in good health threat more alarming psychological barriers are quietly eroded the immature mind and body.

Teacher training schools in Mexico City Hill psychological Mary, come into contact with many similar psychological problems of children, "children concerned about the screen, poor eye movement, inability to concentrate, in this man-machine dialogue, language abilities will gradually degradation, thus affecting their interpersonal skills. "

Mary, in fact electronic products do not inspire a fixed pattern of the child's intelligence, electronic products and machinery operation people to become slaves of the machine This is especially terrible. She had come into contact with such a girl, every day practical hands holding the phone, "she told the mobile Internet addicted, the thumb on the cocoon has been very hard." Professional doctor said, these children are mostly inner loneliness , the family is not happy, some are single-parent families, some parents are too busy to make money do not have time to communicate with their children.

Now, many parents busy with their work as an excuse to give the child the digital gadgets. So, they feel easier. Whenever she faces the "electronic children, Mary would tell the parents patiently: the child's growing need companioned, accompanied by their parents and this is the best love for their kids. When children know you care about him, his heart will be nourished. No matter how much material conditions to their children, not as good as the company of parents to make their psychologically more healthy. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Samsung VS iPhone(Q2)—How Do You Think About It?

Most of people may think iPhone is the header in the cell phone market, but according to message from media in Q2iPhone defect by Samsung. Is it amazing?

The second quarter of 2012 (Q2) has been in the past, the major mobile phone manufacturers are not announced the sales of their mobile phone in the second quarter, but the media have brought us the sales forecast about Samsung, Nokia and other mobile phone manufacturers in the second quarter, and it shows that Samsung, smartphone sales are expected to reach 50 million.

According to a Reuters report, in the second quarter of 2012, global sales of Samsung mobile phones is expected to reach 95.8 million units, ranking first in sales of the world's major mobile phone manufacturers forecast charts, smart phone sales will reach 50 million units ; global sales of Nokia mobile phones are expected to be 80.1 million units, ranking second in smartphone sales will reach 10.4 million units; Apple is ranked third in sales of its mobile phone (iPhone) will reach 30.5 million.

In addition, Chinese manufacturers such as ZTE, Huawei and HTC are among the top ten, and the forecasts sales of ZTE handsets ranked second only to Apple, $ 24.3 million. It is worth mentioning is that Samsung's annual flagship S3 launched in the second quarter of Samsung's intelligent machines and the Apple iPhone global sales gap further widened with the listing of the next generation iPhone, Apple, or is expected to overtake Samsung.

Now, the market is become more and more fierce, and there will be more practical cell phones in our daily life, and I think this is a excellent news for our digital gadgets fans. It means that we will spend less money to purchase the high quality phones. So, what do you think? Are you waiting for the discount of the latest electronic gadgets?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chinese Cell Phone Killer—Blackberry 9788

There is a news form Chinese media: Blackberry 9788 impacts the Chinese cell phone market deeply, are you curious about why blackberry 9788 can impact the Chinese cell phone market?

By contrast with Android phone stereotyped shape, BlackBerry 9788 compact sound compared to the fuselage Dunsheng goodwill. QWERTY keyboard, though not invented by the Chinese, not necessarily more than handwriting for Chinese input, but the new OS 6.0 system, Pinyin input method allows them to pick up and never put down.

Contrast to the old BlackBerry 9700, this digital gadgets print silver side replaced by a dark color, from afar, 9788 like a black pearl.

BlackBerry 9788's top button, the screen lock / mute button on both sides, separated about the keys very hard, unlike the one button as loose, force feedback is also adequate.

Along down the surface on the bar, the top of the Blackberry Logo is a split of a very fine dust cover handset, the dust should be difficult to invade. The right is the iconic Blackberry LED warning lamp, once the new notification arrives, the small red light will blink more than some may argue that the Android phone, but the BlackBerry's small red light than Android much earlier. In addition, a small kill - the optical sensor is also hiding them, the BlackBerry screen in the sun under a clear exception, also depends on it.

 2.44-inch 480 * 360 screen and the BlackBerry 9700 and 9780, consistent with this screen is the same softer phone up there will be a slight ripple of the water. Do not look at resolution is not high, but because of the small size, ppi high the naked eye looks very comfortable ~ screen automatically adjust the brightness according to ambient light, is more efficient than Android is much higher, even in the sun, the screen clear as ever.

 BlackBerry 9788 function keys for the separation of design, remove the middle of the optical touch pad from left to right are: the call key, menu key, back key, and End keys. The key is relatively soft, not very good feedback. No exaggeration to say, BlackBerry optical trackpad operating experience than many of the same product equipped with optical trackpad much better press feedback is very powerful, but some optical touchpad may have subsidence problems to buy, when to pick well ok, after all, the optical trackpad is almost the largest loss BlackBerry components.

 BlackBerry 9788 equipped with a Blackberry 6.0 system, people familiar with the BlackBerry it has been very understanding, we look at. As we all know, the shortcut key function of the BlackBerry is a major cause of its high efficiency, the Blackberry 6.0 system to join the global search function, of course, the original shortcut key mode has also been retained, BBer in the subject inside the switch. Want while preserving is not no way, as long as the settings for common shortcuts mode, and then to click s (search), global search can proceed.

 The BlackBerry 9788 is equipped with a 1450mAh battery, Bold Series of 9700, we have made in life demonstration - easily over the three days of life will naturally extended to a certain extent, the BlackBerry 9788. Support Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G network, coupled with the network coverage is not very good, so the BlackBerry 9788 is frequently search for signals caused some power loss. I test of time, open the 3G + automatically switch networks +5 BBM + push about 10 messages, the BlackBerry 9788 Standby up to 1.5 - 2 days, saving capability is great. If the network is locked in 2G EDGE, its ability to endurance of about 2.5 - 3 days, so much stronger than the market, the Android system intelligent machines.

In my opinion, Chinese is a traditional country, the style of Blackberry cater to the psychology of most Chinese. Sophisticated and detailed design also welcomed by the Chinese. The color of this digital gadget also consistent with Chinese rich cultural heritage, looks steady and broad. In short, Blackberry is a successful cell phone in the Chinese market.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Thinnest Phone In the Word—OPPO Finder X907

The thickness of the cell phone is always a topic in the one of the most important parameter that can make you excited, slim shape mobile phone of sharp fashion, but also very practical and effective in reducing the volume occupied by the phone, hold in the hands feel too good, the texture of the obvious. Who can product the phone very thin also illustrates the strength of the industrial design of the mobile phone manufacturers can be done in the shape of the stylish and slim, while also taking into account the performance of the phone would be more commendable. In fact, the trend of mobile phones is also towards this development, the phone is moving more and more thin, and increasing performance of the continent forward. Now we talk about models of shape thin as onion skin, the performance is very sharp.

The world's thinnest smart phone OPPO heavy introduced the Finder X907 after a careful pre-preparation and advertising bombardment, its thickness only 6.65mm, can be described as the ultimate thin and light. The appearance of the machine is extremely simple, the overall appearance is very smooth except the camera can not be avoided processes. Equipped with a dazzling screen and powerful dual-core processors also told us he was powerful not only the thickness appearance.

The body work of OPPO Finder X907 is very fine, the whole thickness of only 6.65 mm, looks very stylish, its equipped with a 4.3 inches large touch screen and support multi-touch operation, a resolution of 480x800 pixels. The back of body place an 8 million pixel camera, not only take pictures fine quality, also supports 1080P HD video recording, and is also equipped with a 1.5GHz frequency, Xiao Long, Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core processor.

The OPPO Finder thickness can be at this level is very surprising, it looks very thin that thickness of 6.65mm, is indeed for the world's first thin on the pocket is also greatly reduced the space. Its performance is very tough, high-frequency dual-core processors; 3D graphics performance is also very powerful. Body around wrapped in stainless steel, has a stylish appearance while ensuring the durability of the body.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

August 7—iPhone5 will coming?

There is news from a dependable media: They said the new digital gadgets iPhone5 is coming!

Last year, Apple has changed the release cycle of the new generation of the iPhone, “Let's talk iPhone” conference on October 4, 2011, the company released the iPhone 4 looks almost the same as the iPhone 4S. Since that day, the outside world has been speculation the sixth-generation iPhone (in accordance with customary, hereinafter referred to as the release of the iPhone 5) will be extended to October cycle - especially after this year's WWDC conference in October, the rumors of releasing new iPhone has been regarded as “facts” in people's minds.

                                                                   iPhone5 rumour                                     
iPhone5 will adopt a new frame design, adjusting the size and location of the headphone jack, charging port, while the fuselage was lengthened, and it equipped with 4-inch touch screen, while the body thickness is reduced to 7.6 mm, very slim, in addition to carrying A6 quad-core processors, compared to the iPhone 4S, the overall configuration is better clearly.

The routine will always break by someone. In all walks have been by default rather than guess the iPhone 5 release time, a very crazy sounds appeared: Apple's next-generation iPhone will be released on August 7 this year in October. The voice from site Know Your Mobile, this site claims to receive a "very reliable" inside information, has identified new iPhone release time for the August 7.

August 7, do not Apple will be held within two months, twice a conference (the WWDC and the rumors of the conference)? It looks extremely unlikely. Besides, the iPhone 4S sale is still less than 12 months, the new iPhone consumers generally tend to purchase contract phone, what is attractive to them? This message circulating on the Internet, without thinking of the many media gave negative comments, only one reason - too crazy.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Do You Believe “Made In China”—HUA WEI U8860

In the digital gadgets market, such as cell phone market, we all know it’s more and more fierce; Apple, HTC, Samsung and other cell phone giant occupied the most market. And do you believe that the telecommunication giantHuawei is entering this market gradually? Especially, Huawei U8860 is one most popular cell phone in China.

Huawei U8860 Honor is an elaborate designed cell phone, and it design tough atmosphere, excellent workmanship, it’s visible the sincerity of manufacturers. HUAWEI U8860 arranged with an anti-in TFT semi-transflective screen size of 16:9, the size of 4 inches, 16 million colors, showing good effect. Post an 8 million pixel camera, the actual imaging results remarkable.

Huawei U8860 is a common straight full-touch design, the whole style is more neutral, men and women are appropriate, the screen is a 4.0-inch capacitive touch screen and support multi-touch operation, the resolution is FWVGA level mainstream standard of 480x854 pixels. System equipped with the Android smart system with very high playability and scalability, in addition it also built an 8 million pixel camera, the imaging is strong.

 Huawei U8860, after their own well-optimized UI interface, the overall feeling is simple and refreshing, not too much sense of the modification, but also added some nice 3D effects, good playability. The manufacturers control the price of the cell phone in a more reasonable position, and the partial performance of the whole mainstream entertainment are no longer words.

When we know the configuration of the Huawei U8860, we can smell the smell of gunpowder in this digital gadgets market. Certainly, our customers need this kind of competitive~

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is It Wrong?——Nokia Choose Windows Phone

Nokia recently very bad, the stock fell $ 2 per share, maybe you find it really cheap, but you know that in 2007, Nokia shares more than 40 U.S. dollars per share. By the Windows Phone cannot be upgraded, and we will not make Windows Phone 8 devices listed in these two areas of reasons affecting the market confidence in Nokia's almost cleared.

Nokia should select Android? Recently, the kind of rumors and speculation have been gradually more and more recognized. In particular, the former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee. He left Apple in 1990, that time Apple has been so compelling. The Gassee has also Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, and Nokia's Board of Directors recommendations, it is recommended that Nokia uses the Android system.

Time to get back two years ago. The Apple iPhone has changed the world, Nokia is destined to become synonymous with the "tragedy", the Saipan is system contrast is almost comparable to DOS and Windows. Nokia, the former mobile phone giant will be what mobile operating system, speculation and controversy have never stopped. Motorola milestone success, "Nokia should adopt the Android system" sound has been in existence. Google executives have said that if Nokia Android system, Google will be welcomed.

So, why are there so many voices (including Google from time to time to Nokia or RIM table a welcome gesture), expressing the hope that Nokia and Android marriage?

Nokia Android, or Android also needs Nokia?

Standing on Nokia's point of view. Why should we consider Android it? View of the media and ordinary people is nothing more than Android is the most popular system. And Android's popularity is that this free open source system, so that all the mobile phone manufacturers can make a smart phone mobile phone at a lower cost, and have similar functionality and user experience with the iPhone.

But Nokia needs it? Yes, Nokia's Symbian unable to complete the network requirements of mobile devices, and Nokia all of a sudden take not of the same order of magnitude with the Ios mobile operating system. This large be attributed to the more adept at Nokia in the mobile phone hardware and industrial design.

Android is indeed a shortcut, a shortcut at the same time means that more intense competition than any other platform. Face of HTC and Samsung, as well as old rivals Motorola and Sony, whether it is a rising star still has the "fall by the wayside, Nokia's mobile phones may be slightly better with good texture and excellent quality. This is only "slightly better", because the experience of the Smartphone operating system becomes more important. Nokia how to innovate in terms of hardware and shape, they cannot reproduce once hand in Saipan system sits tight in the first share of the global moment of glory. To outsiders, this is probably not bring themselves to "Nokia employees and decision makers seem to mean more.

Look at the Android camp, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and ... The design strength of these brands is the world's top, but if compared with Nokia glimpses through the comparison of the product itself. The Lumia series embodies the Nokia hardware design remains the first-class level, by no means the Android camp, many manufacturers can easily imitate and surpass Google aware of this. Addition, similar to Google's acquisition of Motorola, as Nokia holds tens of thousands of mobile communications, as well as hardware design patent, once the marriage of the Android, is bound to enhance the resistance to the Android camp to face intellectual property charges.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Several Digital Gadgets For Your Life

Living could possibly be spiced together with tiny gizmos in the event you pay out several consideration inside lifestyle. Electronic devices with from suppliers symbolizes amusing and also stylish digital gadgets with cost-effective rates.

Residence can easily seem diverse and also special together with amusing and also imaginative gizmos. Electronic devices from suppliers provides a big collection of electronic devices inside unique types, that may increase some sweetness to be able to residence.

Alarm clock
A great alarm clock could possibly be kinky being a youngster. They can hop away from any nightstand coming from around 3 toes large, and also work about the area. An excellent alternative regarding weighty sleepers!

It really is unnecessary to be able to get worried that there are simply no rest moment. Using a personalized rest moment routine, the particular time could possibly be established to run away proper if the burglar alarm appears, or perhaps established to be able to rest on one occasion just before this individual works apart.

Adverts simply by Yahoo

The particular sweet massager will be tiny and also light, in order to go on it whenever and also everywhere to take pleasure from the particular entertaining massage therapy. Vibration massage therapy can advertise the circulation of blood and also alleviate muscle tissue soreness.

DIRECTED Magnifier
The key characteristic with the DIRECTED magnifier will be which it features a built-in light source. The usage of LEDs assures lighter mild. These kinds of lighted loupes aid us all emphasis inside about several types of things.

DIRECTED Wax lights

Acquire white DIRECTED wax lights as an example. The particular white shade has recently made an enchanting ambiance.

After that, the particular candlepower unit will be DIRECTED electronic digital a single, without light up no risk. The greatest edge will be in which in order to create the particular candlepower unit, it is possible to setback with it just like extinguishing an actual candlepower unit as it will be ventilation handle. Just isn't that wonderful?

Perfect for celebrations, specific meal, or perhaps some other situations, or perhaps regarding adornment!

DIRECTED Light fixture
Simply no dependence on swap. Clever handle. These kinds of wall structure table lamps are usually constantly the favorite alternatives.

They will become great adornment for the residence. Furthermore, the main element aspect will be in which DIRECTED table lamps are usually many vitality conserving.

Are you wanting to produce your daily life a lot more multi-colored? When sure, pay out several consideration about tiny gizmos to incorporate several entertaining and also energy to your residence and also lifestyle. With Cina electronic devices from suppliers, intriguing gizmos are typical made with generation and also creativeness. These kinds of tiny gizmos help make our own living multi-colored.

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