Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Thinnest Phone In the Word—OPPO Finder X907

The thickness of the cell phone is always a topic in the one of the most important parameter that can make you excited, slim shape mobile phone of sharp fashion, but also very practical and effective in reducing the volume occupied by the phone, hold in the hands feel too good, the texture of the obvious. Who can product the phone very thin also illustrates the strength of the industrial design of the mobile phone manufacturers can be done in the shape of the stylish and slim, while also taking into account the performance of the phone would be more commendable. In fact, the trend of mobile phones is also towards this development, the phone is moving more and more thin, and increasing performance of the continent forward. Now we talk about models of shape thin as onion skin, the performance is very sharp.

The world's thinnest smart phone OPPO heavy introduced the Finder X907 after a careful pre-preparation and advertising bombardment, its thickness only 6.65mm, can be described as the ultimate thin and light. The appearance of the machine is extremely simple, the overall appearance is very smooth except the camera can not be avoided processes. Equipped with a dazzling screen and powerful dual-core processors also told us he was powerful not only the thickness appearance.

The body work of OPPO Finder X907 is very fine, the whole thickness of only 6.65 mm, looks very stylish, its equipped with a 4.3 inches large touch screen and support multi-touch operation, a resolution of 480x800 pixels. The back of body place an 8 million pixel camera, not only take pictures fine quality, also supports 1080P HD video recording, and is also equipped with a 1.5GHz frequency, Xiao Long, Qualcomm MSM8260 dual-core processor.

The OPPO Finder thickness can be at this level is very surprising, it looks very thin that thickness of 6.65mm, is indeed for the world's first thin on the pocket is also greatly reduced the space. Its performance is very tough, high-frequency dual-core processors; 3D graphics performance is also very powerful. Body around wrapped in stainless steel, has a stylish appearance while ensuring the durability of the body.

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