Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will Mobile Phone Replace The Digital Cameras?

When mobile phones fitted with cameras, camera implanted in the SNS.There is a tendency that mobile phones and digital camera will be mixed each other, and began pillaging the market.

Undoubtedly took the lead in the mobile phone. Camera from the phone body that day, people discussing a topic: digital camera phone replaced. As mobile phones increasingly high pixel retouching software is more and more, share more and more convenient, this trend is more pronounced.
Mobile Phones  VS  Digital Camerals

According to research firm Mintel analysis data show that sales of digital cameras over the past five years decreased by 29%, the digital camera market sales falling from $ 1.317 billion in 2006 to $ 925 million last year and is expected by 2016 this figure will only $ 816 million. The company's technical analyst at Mintel believes that the smartphone image resolution is lower than the best digital cameras, but many people do not detect differences in both image quality. The figures show that 40% of users using a digital camera, but there are more than 45% of the users to use smart phones as the main filming equipment, will have more home users are no longer to be purchased separately camera as the camera tool.

However, digital cameras and can not be reconciled backed into a dead end, SLR, micro-single product innovation, even in their camp the most fool and boring card machine from the wireless transmission to seek a breakthrough. Many industry analysts have said that digital cameras are mobile transformation, unconsciously of its many features and morphology are in line to mobile phones.

A major feature of the smart phone is getting thin. The digital camera you want to catch up with the trend, In addition to functional improvements, "slimming slimming down" would be essential. Micro-single-card machine the last two years, blowing a thin tide, especially single micro camera with its volume lighter weight, and retention of professional SLR cameras photograph the level was welcomed by many consumers. Digital camera, after the thin body is thin, lens shrinking length, becoming more and more portable.

Mainstream smart phone from the iPhone, the market has opened up a touch-screen trend, whether it is the HTC, Samsung or some other domestic brands, have become a large-size touch-screen design. Touch operation on the attractiveness of the fingers, so that once advertised input shortcut keyboard design suffered a crushing defeat at the same time, refers to where the shot where the camera experience to completely subvert the process of ordinary digital cameras, camera, so the hand allegations have not put it down. Digital cameras naturally sniff one of the clues, and gradually added to the touch to take pictures of the camp.

The first to make a change card machine, because the introduction of touch technology, its design easier, and continue to enlarge the screen in order to please the eye of the consumer. Followed by a number of micro-single product to make a change, and continue to enhance the photographic experience. Photographers Chen Xiaojie, touch digital camera by adding a touch focus function so that consumers can easily set in accordance with their needs the focus, so that entry-level consumers can easily shoot a good composition of the photo. " focus, touch camera, click viewfinder, digital cameras, this change is revolutionary.

Removed to mimic the hardware, software intelligent level, digital cameras to mobile phones in line trend is also very obvious. Many digital camera comes with a digital filter function, the core functionality of the Photoshop software was originally operating with the technical content, but when it was moved to the digital camera, everything becomes very simple, only need to Click on the preset filters in photography software template, even if not the master user, can "repair" the master photo.

Say's largest digital camera revolution, but also a few of the introduction of WiFi-enabled. Reason why the popularity of smart phones, welcomed by consumers, is closely related to its Internet properties, especially the iOS, Android, WP, in today's mobile operating system for mobile phone Internet access is infinitely close to the computer. WiFi popularity of digital cameras provide the possibility of networking. WiFi digital camera to bring the first change is that you can easily transfer photos can get rid of the shackles of the data cable and card reader, digital camera with Wi-Fi transfer capabilities shooting photos wirelessly transmitted to the smart phone, computer or other electronic products with wireless transmission function. The digital camera is no longer just a tool to record photos, but a photo-sharing tools.

WiFi to change the second change of the digital camera in its social function, the current market with the latest model of WiFi-enabled camera, and have implanted SNS service sharing. Camera only access to the Internet via WiFi, Login SNS account, you can share the photos you just shot down.

So, according to this situation, I just want to say: it is so amazing in the digital gadgets world, there are so many altermate in this market which need us to discover, and do you think that mobile phones will replace the digital cameral? Leave a comment to express yourviewpoint.


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