Thursday, August 2, 2012

Are There Any Changes in Next Generation iPhone?

Time flies, now the past year has been a half, the digital gadgets industry also developed rapidly. If the most anticipated product is the Samsung GALAXY S3 in the first half year, then in the second half of 2012, the most anticipated product the nest generation iPhone. There are indications that the new iPhone will be the same as the "change the world" products, and we all have different expectations for the new iPhone, although the designers of the Apple won’t design the iPhone accordance with our imagenation, but we still can anticipate it before the new iPhone was released, to look forward to the new iPhone will give us what changes boldly.

Expect to the first change: Big Display Screen

First of all, there is no doubt that the most anticipated change of the new iPhone is the recent hot 3.5-inch screen, although the previously released several iPhone, unanimously adopted the 3.5-inch screen, but through the Internet recently a series of rumors, Apple is likely in the top of the new iPhone for the first time to make a change, choose a larger size screen. Expected that the new iPhone will be equipped with a screen about four inches, and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Increase the screen size of the screen at the same time, in order to maintain the level of the fine screen, Apple is bound to give a higher screen resolution of the new iPhone, iPhone 4 known beyond the retina limit screen resolution of 960 × 640 screen of the new iPhone The resolution is likely to reach the level of 1024 × 768. There is also news that, in order to facilitate the user's single hand hold, despite the new generation of iPhone screen size has increased, but the width of the screen remain unchanged, but an increase in length.

Look forward to the second change: dual-core processor change to quad-core

If the first half of the year is the Competition of dual-core processors, then the second half of quad-core processors must be the focus of many manufacturers competition, let alone like Samsung, LG, HTC, the Meizu manufacturers have launched quad-core mobile phone. The quad-core competition in the mobile phone has been in full swing, Apple is naturally not willing to lag behind other competitors in this field.

The best apple processor released this year, iPad 3 A5X chips and mobile phones this is the iPhone 4S regulations dual-core processor A5. Apple developed a quad-core ARM processor for the next generation iPhone will lead to competition between a straight line to upgrade it with the other quad-core smartphone. If the new iPhone is equipped with a the Samsung Exynos4 architecture quad-core ARM processor, Apple is because we wanted to cool off the smoke-free war? Or are there other plans? We will wait and see.

Expect to the third change: camera million changes in ten million

As smart phones become biased the entertainment direction of development of the multimedia mobile phone increasingly, camera phone function has been seen as by many manufacturers is the key to the future, as well as screen and processor can decide the outcome. This year, the most high-end mobile phone camera pixels are set at eight million pixel level, while Apple's latest iPhone 4S is also true.

Even so, many manufacturers have introduced a higher camera pixels, like Sony LT26i Motorola XT928, Altek, Leo's camera pixels to achieve a more than 10 million level, but recently the latest listing of Nokia PureView 808 of the camera pixels more is to achieve staggering 41 million level. Changes in these companies let Apple unable to bear some recent rumors that the next generation iPhone will be equipped with the 10 million level pixel camera, so that the entertainment of the new iPhone more powerful.

Expect to the fourth change: larger capacity of battery

For electronic gadgets, especially, smart phones, the battery life is an important indicator to measure the user experience, as for Apple's new iPhone, the biggest problem probably is not the screen size, processor and camera, is the most important battery life . Many well known that previous generations of the iPhone, people quite helpless in this regard and understand so well the product of an operating experience, and why life is so poor? Can not be with a bigger capacity battery?

We'd hazard a guess about some of the he future changes of the new iPhone, from the four points view of the above change, the new shape, new processor, new camera, these are likely to be realized, while the larger capacity battery, although to implement a little difficult, we still believe that by virtue of Apple's great strength, they can thought a good solution to this problem for the user. With the approaching launch time of a new generation iPhone, these changes can eventually into a true, all the answers will be announced soon.

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