Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The First Floating Mass Display Technology From LG P705

The LG P705 is one of the L-series smart phone push in MWC2012 the LG main P705 is also known as LG Optimus L7 (parameters offer picture forum software), as most high-end smart phone of Optimus L series, the configuration of Optimus L7 (the following referred to as P705) considered very powerful in the smartphone boom. LG-depth customized Android 4.04 smartphone operating system for P705, and why it will outshine?

LG P705 moderate configuration is not favored by most consumers, but it is a special place is the P705's screen with a floating mass spectrometry technology (Floating Mass Display), we can also call it "floating screen" through the technology, our eyes through this technology within the screen to see close at hand, just like the "floating" in front, more like a variation of the naked eye 3D, first of all we come through the parameter list to learn more about the LG P705 .

The aircraft is equipped with a Qualcomm Xiao Long MSM7227A 1GHz single-core processor, and support the configuration of 512MB RAM +4 GB ROM, it also built the pre-300 000-pixel front camera as well as the main camera 5 million pixels, and is equipped with the LED fill light, LG P705 from the configuration point of view obviously is not enough high-end, the Xiaobian get this machine is by Unicom customized version, I believe that combining the strengths of Unicom and LG will not P705 high-end different places.

LG P705 equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive screen, looked from the overall appearance of the angular is very atmospheric, fully inherited the innovation of LG brand L-Style design concept of the body in white color shows a fresh taste, and metal Watanabe phone sketched out a trace of a refined atmosphere.

LG P705 top of the screen equipped with a 300 000 a front camera, sufficient to meet the self-timer hobby of many users. LG classic LOGO next, P705 is also equipped with light sensors, to avoid mistakenly encounter the user to answer the call when the phone screen.

LG P705 bottom of the screen is not the classic "four kings" button in Android, after the re-customization of the LG P705's HOME button becomes an entity, according to them more texture. The classic menu button to change the settings button, easy for users to adjust the mobile content, the same with the left side of the back key of virtual touch keys.

I believe many users are very envious of the Samsung GALAXY Note screen notebook features, the LG P705 with no less than the GALAXY Note of the unique skills QuickMemo. LG Optimus L7 built-in LG's proprietary application QuickMemo sharing program different from other records, LG QuickMemo eliminating the need for the cumbersome procedure of users download from a third party, users simply hold down the key, increase or decrease the volume of the mobile phone easily into the program interface, record, share a quick and easy.

LG P705 equipped with a 5 million pixel camera, and is equipped with LED lights up to meet the daily shooting needs. Beijing weather has been rainy, so a direct impact on the shooting proofs performance effect, users please do not mind, LG P705 supports touch-focus, easy for users to switch the focus of trying to shoot objects.

LG P705 configuration is difficult to keep pace with the current mainstream smart phone market, but the floating mass spectrometry, and LG depth customization of the UI system will be P705 games and entertainment experience the perfect combination. Screen memo function QuickMemo beyond the Samsung Galaxy note users anywhere regardless of the call, meeting, under any circumstances, even to the toilet can easily record important thing to mind, so the selling point of the LG P705 is not configured but a new phone system custom, floating screen technology, and more LG self-developed custom content, the user experience to a higher level.

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