Saturday, August 4, 2012

How do you think that Baidu intend to get involved in e-book market?

In the end of 2009, Amazon e-book sales surpass the super-paper books, so that people feel the brilliant prospects of the book industry. Shanda Literature recently released e-book strategy in an attempt to integrate the book industry. Soon after, the search engine giant Baidu  intends to enter the book market, to establish an independent company to build a richer platform, and plans to go public. This indicates that the electronic book market broke out of a smoke of war.

With the continuous improvement of network services and technology, constantly updated, China has slowly into the 3G era, which provides a good premise for the development of digital electronic. Some media said that 2010 is expected to become the outbreak years of the Chinese book market. December 29, 2009, the world's largest online book retailer Amazon said on its website, according to statistics, the e-book sales on the site for the first time more than the printed book, which undoubtedly played for major companies to enter the eBook market a shot in the arm, also shows that e-book has a broad market and the continuously expanding into. For the electronics manufacturing field of the world's leading market research firm iSuppli estimates that in 2009, the global e-book reader sales over 5 million units, may increase to 12 million units in 2010.

In the book market, the supply of content is a big problem. With the continuous development of science and technology, the various enterprises in the technological gap is not large, the key to competitiveness lies in the contents of the e-book. Well-known brands in the content of competitive businesses to buy the copyright will work on the site, free or pay to the consumer. , In addition to some well-known brand in China, the e-book cottage in China also has a certain market, most of them rely on the Internet for free download, but some analysts have pointed out, once the countries have begun to crackdown piracy cottage e-book market is not easy to say.

Copyright issue, but also troubled by a key to development of e-book industry. Information, the reader hot and did not drive the entire industry, but encourage piracy atmosphere, the reader can almost compatible so the format e-books, readers can easily download all kinds of authorized text. Apart from the weak reader's awareness of copyright, the imperfections of the genuine authorization mechanisms platform should be the core of copyright issues, many publishers out of interest considerations do not want to authorize electronic copyright, so many readers fundamental than the formal authorization of e-books.

As an enterprise, which should pay close attention to efforts to increase the content providers to enrich the library of their own resources to give readers a book to be seen, books want to see, making e-books to become a true sense of the mobile library, to meet the needs of readers. At the same time to solve the problem of content providers can also make their own competition in the industry occupies a leading position, grasp the initiative in the competition in the industry, the real bigger and stronger.

In the publishing, should be change the production concept effectively, proactive acceptance of e-books, and actively participate in this industry, to provide enterprises with copyright, so that not only can solve the e-book market and the obstacles faced in the provision of the Copyright the same time, publishers can not only effectively promote themselves to increase their own visibility, will obtain the appropriate profit publishers, and there is no loss. Some doubts Press is worried about the eBook flourishing prosperity of the result is the elimination of paper books, this idea is completely unnecessary, some experts pointed out that the existence of e-book can not replace the paper books, paper books can be real readers a sense of human feelings, which is a cold reader can not do.

In fact, various aspects are interrelated and restraining each other. Enterprises strengthen their own strength and appeal, it can attract more content providers, and the increase of the content providers can promote the development of e-book companies and promote the prosperity of the e-book market, the prosperity of the market will bring about competition inevitably, while competition of the most direct impact is the decline in prices, in order to attract more readers. The interlocking of the entire book industry chain link, but also influence each other, as long as the effective coordination of the parties to disputes, in addition to the development of the digital gadgets, e-book is about to outbreak.

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