Friday, August 3, 2012

London Olympic Games Promote Chinese "big screen TV" Sales

European Cup just gone, sports fans meet the Olympic Games with excited mood. The Olympics Heat flock to the consumer, many people even replace "Spectators equipment". Recently, this reporter visited the market, many digital gadgets stores start to find some business opportunities around the "Olympic economy", large-screen TV sales is one of them.

These are the off season for electronic gadgets, such as home appliance, and they did not expect because the two sports events, TV sales growth has become a major highlight. "In Suning Appliance manager Yu Yuehua told reporters in early is the promotion of the European Cup, the end of the month is the Olympic Games activities, due to these two important events TV, especially large-screen TV sales rose a lot. Competition At present, some consumers choose additions to a large screen TV for the home, 42-inch LCD TV, 3D TV and Plasma TV has become the mall selling heavy head.

It is understood that the large-screen TV sales grew mainly because of its large screen, small energy consumption, and low price advantages. 42-inch TV prices down from 2000 to 3000 yuan, it's cheap price so that consumers willing to accept; 55-inch big screen TV is in 6000 yuan, although the price is slightly higher, but there are still a minority pursuit of the big screen consumers choose to buy. "Building, home appliances Square in north of Zhejiang Deqing Five Star staff said.

3D Olympic Games, to force China ", the" big screen to see the contest ... in the Gome Home Appliances, and many TV brands have played the Olympic promotional activities. The mall staff told reporters that the recent average daily to sell seventy-eight large screen TV. Some time ago, a certain brand of TV has also organized a signature of the activities of the Olympic torch, the day the TV sales surge.

In addition to the high popularity of the big screen TV, the small-screen TV below 32 inches also won the consumers. The Gome Song Yinfang manager, told reporters that the relative monthly dozens of big-screen TV sales, the small-screen TV sales below 32 inches are more optimistic. Stage, shopping malls and a total of eight TV brands, each brand of TV sold dozens of units, the sales of small-screen TV is gratifying in a month. This is an extal income from digital electronic promoted by Olympic Games.

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