Friday, August 24, 2012

New Expects To Electronic Gadgets From IFA2012

Some friends would ask what is IFA in exhibition reported. IFA Expo, one of Germany's largest electronic gadgets fair from 1924. Held for two years after the Second World War. Due to the increase in market demand, it is held in 2005-2006 to an annual.

Previous two IFA tablet PCs become the show's new concerns from the international brands such as Samsung, Dell, Toshiba, ViewSonic, Huawei gathered in Berlin, Germany, on display, such as the Galaxy Tab, Streak, Folio these markets star product. In 2012, the digital electronic gadgets market changes, these electronic gadgets giants will give consumers what kind of surprise, to believe global tablet enthusiasts are very much looking forward to.

1.Windows 8 RT version of the tablet ahead of debut

Admittedly, the past two years, does belong to the market of Android and iOS Enter the Dragon, but as one of the global software giant, Microsoft dynamic in the mobile space, the same can not be overlooked, launched WoA Windows Store, Surface reached the mobile market. If control the Microsoft Roadmap IFA2012 will be Windows 8 tablet market before the last big point soldiers. According to the message given by the Microsoft official, the RT version upstream chip with Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments, OEM Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Samsung, with its own Surface "41" battle.

Microsoft Win8 tablet computers have become a new focus of the industry

Can we see IFA2012 Win8 RT tablet real machine is currently unknown, then the recent ComputeX 2012, Asus had on display 2 WoA of your Tablet 600, equipped with Nvidia Tegra3 quad-core processor, the other three will disclose in advance more new messages, and will have to see the scene, but the x86 architecture Win8 tablet as it is the opportunity to exhibit, as a frequent visitor to the IFA, Samsung booth is worth the wait.

2. Black for the Android camp blaze

Was a show, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Mini 5 Streak people left a deep impression on a well-known products, nowadays Android camp is a first call tablet, visible addition to the U.S. CES, Taipei ComputeX Android tablet manufacturers also attaches great importance to the Berlin, Germany IFA. Apple iPad, before and after Microsoft Win8, Android camp this year whether blaze a dark horse to vibration morale?

In addition to Google NEXUS 7, this year there will be a dark horse this

On the other hand, as the navigator of the Android camp, whether Google CEO Eric Schmidt person IFA2012 is a mystery. As for the theme of this year's Google Nexus 7's hot or very important this year, each TV new product line, hard to say. In short, at this time, Android camp is an urgent need for more popped bolts of dark horse.

3. big era of convergence process accelerated

What is a small fusion, Tablet PC functionality gradually replace traditional MP3, MP4, e-book, navigation systems, the integration of the IT circle; What is the big fusion Tablet PC Can car, smart TV or home bridging use it current IFA fusion fusion with small to have the kind of performance worthy of industry attention.

By the built-in flat-panel controls and displays driving information and entertainment system

U.S. at CES, NVIDIA demonstrated smart entertainment systems on the sports car, if further, the system can be replaced by other electronic gadgets, such as tablet PC, on the Taipei Computer Show, Ford also has a similar show. It can be predicted that the Tablet PC will more and more close to the people's work and life, the necessity or after the smartphone, at that time, integration of small fusion is more forced not to be.

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