Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple Retina MacBook Pro Review

Apple released the the Retina screen new MacBook Pro, this laptop With a thin design, excellent screen and powerful hardware configuration to get a great deal of attention, let's discuss its review:


Relative to the previous MacBook Pro (MBP) with Retina screen of the MacBook Pro (hereinafter referred to as RMBP) biggest feature is the appearance of "light" and "thin" - weight of 2.02 kg, the thickness of 18 mm. The weight and thickness of the previous 15-inch MBP 2.56kg and 24.1 mm respectively. The weight of RMBP even lighter than the 13-inch MBP (2.06 kg) at 17 mm thickness and 13-inch Air thickest similar, but even weight more than a lot of MacBook Air. The overall design is still in recent years, the the MBP Unibody style, style does not change, after all, as a high-performance notebook computers, to strive to be thin and light, in order to appearance breakthrough is not an easy task.

Equipped with a the the premise of 15.4 inches 2880x1800 pixel screen RMBP screen the reason why the thickness can significantly diminish, one of the reasons is the unibody through Unibody directly integrated multi-layer screen, and give up the glass layer covering the outside of the screen, screen less layer of protection, the user needs to be more attention to self-protection.

And so the body becomes light another important reason, according to Apple's claims are eliminated bulky retarded ordinary rotary hard drives and CD-ROM ". Indeed, traditional hard drive and optical drive are the the laptop weight volume increase of two main reasons. There is another reason, the battery new RMBP also continues the multi-block tiled design of the MacBook Air, Mac so battery layout inspired by the iPad. Please note, cut off the Ethernet interface, Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet interface converter Fortunately, Apple provides. Will be canceled the battery queries indicator and Sleep breathing lights.

Apple also made the compromise of "innovation" for better cooling, RMBP new two inlets, located in an otherwise simple on both sides of the bottom of the fuselage, and have slightly exaggerated the three sections of the bar air inlet Fortunately, the normal posture using a laptop is to see not two mouths. In RMBP official promotional video, the two air inlet, a role - they are part of the whole structure, has played the role of the support beams, allowing the machine to withstand some of the forces of distorted.

Retina screen:

RMBP screen Retina Display, which is also the first Apple laptop to see the Retina screen. Piece 15.4-inch 2880x1800 pixel screen with IPS technology, 29% higher contrast than the ordinary MBP, viewing angle of 178 degrees. The same time, Apple said the lower this screen glare may also not optional matte screen RMBP.

Pioneered the use of the Retina display on the iPhone, then the iPad, and then to the Mac, Apple spoiled our eyes in the step by step. First see this screen, it is very surprising, especially through Safari browse the web, view photos with iPhoto, used a few hours and then see other notebook screen, you will find that you have not used .

This screen resolution 2880 * 1800, the 15-inch MBP standard resolution of 1440 * 900 direct magnified four times but still display on a 15.4-inch display, so it is particularly fine. Pixel count reached 5,184,000, can directly display the 5 million-pixel screen view large photo of a great advantage. In addition, it is more than 1920 * 1080 HD standard over 2,073,600 3,110,000 pixels, edit HD video has an ample screen space.

Software Compatibility:

We have just mentioned RMBP resolution magnified four times, the default in the original display a (visual) pixel location arranged four pixels (physical), so if rendered or the original resolution, will be very blurred clear. Therefore, the light had the Retina screen does not work, just like the original iPhone 4/4S new iPad, there is an urgent need applications optimized for Retina.

Fortunately listed OS X Mountain Lion, Safari, mail, calendar, address book, as well as iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iTunes, Aperture and Final Cut Pro was optimized (iWork and Aperture, Final Cut Pro need to be purchased separately).

The most frequently used in these applications to the number of the Safari web browser. Use Safari to browse the web, vector display text on the web is very sharp, but most sites are not optimized for Retina screen images or traditional low-resolution display is somewhat vague, Apple's official website (except online store) has been to optimize pictures and text are the perfect present.

Browsing and editing photos using Apture RMBP 5,180,000 pixels screen to see clearly the details of the photo to show easy to modify, great help for the photographer. 1080P video using Final Cut Pro editing original video in point-to-point on the screen, as well as most of the space available for editing operations. Third-party software Retina screen has been optimized, such as an RSS reader application Reeder (Mac App Store Price $ 30), under the Retina screen reading experience good.

Hardware configuration and performance testing:

Apple, in order to reduce the thickness of the body, the magnetic power connector MagSafe upgrade to generation, a generation turn to the second generation of adapter (priced at $ 88). The left side of the fuselage, two Thunderbolt interface (theoretical speed 10Gbps), a USB 3.0 interface (5Gbps) and 3.5 mm headphone jack. The right side of the fuselage is not familiar with the optical drive, SDXC card slot, HDMI interface standard for the first time appeared on the MacBook and another USB 3.0 interface.

The 15 inch RMBP retained the original 15-inch MBP's keyboard area design, the keyboard can still adjust the backlight, sides, full-size keyboard, speakers, dual microphones are also hidden in the left speaker.

High with RMBP divided into low with two CPU starting point is not low, divided into 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz quad-core i7 3720QM processor two, also optional 2.7GHz; 256GB and 512GB flash hard drive is divided into two shall optional 768GB; due to the new architecture design, RMBP not by the user to upgrade the memory, the standard 1600MHz DDR3L 8GB has been able to meet the needs of most users, if necessary, only Apple's official website customization needs higher 16GB of memory.

Before the deadline, we found in Apple's official website to provide more customization options for the 2.3GHz the basic version RMBP Apple, in addition to the original memory, new higher clocked processor and 512GB, 768GB SSD option.

Apple with RMBP the new Samsung flash memory hard drive at a very high level in the SSD. Read speed of 450MB, about 400MB write speed. In the Mountain Lion RMBP the boot time is about 16 seconds, shut down for about 24 seconds.

In terms of graphics performance, Apple uses the Kepler architecture Nvidia GT650M graphics card, Memory 1GB, and integrated Intel Graphics 4000 automatic switching. GT650M mainstream mobile graphics card, not an end, I believe is Apple's take care of the thin and heat make the final choice. Retina screen support 1680 * 1050 1920 * 1200 display resolution, but they are from 2880 * 1800 rendering from the direct relationship with this card.

We use GeekBench tested RMBP the evaluation machine 2.6GHz i7 3720QM and 512MB flash drive version of its 32-bit and 64-bit results are 11929 and 11958 points. In all MacBook, according to GeekBench site data, its performance after the optional 2.7GHz processor RMBP and June 11 WWDC 15 inches MBP introduced the same period, as well as the same 2.6GHz 15-inch MBP configure, while ahead of all other MacBook.

Evaluation Summary:

RMBP surprisingly excellent screen, is the best laptop screen. Of course, its processors and flash memory hard to maintain a very high performance, coupled with the new Mountain Lion operating system, so this fairly lightweight high performance notebook computer has become one of the most recommended laptop. If you can not leave this screen can accept it a higher price, you can consider starting.

For gamers, the heat and fan noise issues, though not much impact factors, but many games do not support such a high resolution, or can not run smoothly at the highest resolution, so for games to select RMBP not too wise. Retina screen MacBook "Pro" as its name suggests, in fact, more suitable to move often deal with large photos, write an application to handle HD video professional users. Lighter MacBook Air, in fact, is more suitable for most ordinary users.