Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Five Advantages of iPhone5 Using the Next Generation of IN-CELL

Recently, the news from Wall Street: It is said that the next generation iPhone could use a new screen panel, that is, in-cell touch screen panel. As many touch screen devices, today's iPhone uses something called "On-cell panel technology, touch-sensitive panel on the top of the color filter panel thickness of 0.5mm below. But the combination of in-cell technology can merge touch-sensitive layer and the color filter layer.

Therefore, it is obvious that the next generation iPhone can get the benefits of in-cell technology, reduce thickness. In-cell screen can only make the iPhone to reduce the thickness of 0.5mm less than, but considering the Kuo Ming-pool, an analyst has said that the next generation iPhone may go back to metal materials, without and then now the glass shell, which would also reduce the thickness of 1mm. Sounds reduced thickness, but in our hands, can still feel the improvement.

Screen improvement is one of the in-cell touch screen panel. We have such experience, when we tear a protective film, suddenly felt a lot of screen clarity. That is because the light to penetrate more layers, the picture clarity is the worse. Mentioned above, less a layer of the screen, in-cell theory, the picture of the screen than on the screen of the-cell should be clear.
The screen is thinner will reduce the mean weight, unless Apple also add other parts. If Apple, as the rumors said, the increase in the size of the screen, so that the overall weight of the iPhone may be no significant change.

Screen thinner, space increases, Apple also has more space to expand the battery. IPhone battery life have become increasingly demanding, and Apple to upgrade the hardware at the same time to ensure that the battery life, Apple's solution is to use a larger battery. In the space vacated by the-cell screen, if Apple does not consider the iPhone be thinner, the next step will be to consider the bigger iPhone battery, improve iPhone battery life.

Finally, in-cell technology to Apple's supplier manufacturing process more efficient, lower failure rates. Although more difficult to produce in-cell screen, but reduces the time a manufacturer of adhesive layers of the screen. If suppliers break the technical difficulties, to speed up the production efficiency is not a problem. The traditional on-cell, screen production efficiency has reached a bottleneck; it is difficult to get a breakthrough.

Next generation’s iPhone take the in-cell technology bring them many advantages, and I am not sure if other electronic manufactures can contend with Apple, This article “Samsung VS iPhone(Q2)—How Do You Think About It? “, we know Samsung’s sales surpass iPhone, but after iPhone use the in-cell technology, how do you think about it? This is a vague topic in electronic gadgets world.

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