Saturday, July 7, 2012

Latest Samsung Android Tablet PC VS IPad

In Android Tablet PC campwhich dare to competitive with Apple iPad products 10 inches area directly, and even Google's own Nexus also choose to seven inches of design, and strive to avoid the edge of the apple steak. But as Apple's biggest competitors, Samsung Electronics ignore this and in the latest GALAXY Tab 2 Series Tablet PC, we see 10 inches of Tab P5100 sub-series, then with the high pressure in the iPad GALAXY Tab 2, how can GALAXY Tab P5100 get succeed in the fierce 10 inches market?

GALAXY Tab P5100 functional parameters evaluation looks quite satisfactory with a resolution of 1280 x 800 TFT display screen, 1GHz dual-core processor, 3 million camera, it is a valuable products, and GALAXY Tab P5100 have many details are very prominent, such as call features, up to 7,000 mAh battery capacity, Tab P5100 is the weight of only 585g, Lighter than Apple's new iPad a lot. On the whole, GALAXY Tab P5100 is indeed a bright spot in a lot of products, then the following we take a look at the detailed evaluation of the Tab P5100.

GALAXY Tab P5100 10.1-inch screen design, but the screen ratio for the rare 16:10 Tab P5100 and it looks wider than the Tablet PC lot that we always meet, By contrast with the new iPad we can found that while the same part of the screen of the Tablet PC, the P5100 is larger than the new iPad, with a 16:10 widescreen design, P5100 movies, HD video is quite good. We note that the P5100's border is much narrower than the Tablet PC, which is obviously specially designed for the installation of widening the screen.

Samsung is also unusual to design a set of speakers in the front of the fuselage, which is very helpful to enhance the video experience of the Tablet PC, the position of the speakers at the upper end of the fuselage on both sides, when user grab this Android Tablet PC to watch movies and there is no worry about the block to the speaker part.

The most shocking function of GALAXY Tab P5100 is the call feature undoubtedly, Tab P5100 support calls, we may think it maybe opened in the wrong way, but in fact, it discovered that this is indeed the first add calling features 10 inch flat-panel computer from official. So, we remind you that if we really intend to call with P5100, must be use a Bluetooth headset.

If you want one word to sum up the Samsung Android Tablet PC P5100, then the word must be "tricky", 5100 is a quite tricky products from the pricing and design, although not particularly stunning features, but the P5100 is a very comfortable product, especially designed for audio-visual experience to create the screens and speakers is quite suitable for home digital entertainment, plus a lower selling price than the latest iPad, GALAXY Tab P5100 is a tricky product undoubtedly.

Samsung P5100 is a very competitive android tablet PC, let’s wait and see. Our website also provides other digital electronics information, welcome to visit!

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