Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Much Do You Know About Windows Tablets

Not everyone knows them, but they are there actually: Tablet PCs with Microsoft Windows 7! Outwardly, at first hardly be distinguished from other tablets, these devices pose actually a bona fide x86 processor, so all PC programs should run successfully. This is certainly a huge advantage, but there are such products, there is still heavy on the market, are likely to why their share at most in the lower percentage range.

For this purpose, but there are several reasons. On the one hand, most processors from both Intel and AMD has not yet efficient enough to compete with the extremely fuel-efficient ARM processors, the competition, which is why x86-compatible tablets are usually heavier than their relatives with the Apple and Android logo. Nevertheless, the battery will not necessarily longer, which considerably spoils the joy, especially since there are other drawbacks. Thus, the current operating system Windows 7 is not quite adapted to the screen, so the operation is difficult to many, especially as the corresponding apps are scarce. Nevertheless, the devices are not exactly cheap, but comparable to that of the Apple products, which is why many users prefer to access the same as in Apple or a notebook, which is the same price most versatile and better equipped to boot. From this perspective one must state clearly that Microsoft, Intel and AMD have slept through the first tablet boom pretty.

All this will make Microsoft & Co., but at the end better if the successor to Windows 8 comes on the market. More apps, more convenience and better processors to the Windows Tablet, sometimes referred to as opposed to the tablet computer, Tablet PC, more attractive. So it will probably also be a kind of app, and the consumption should already be close to that of competing products. And it is even entitled to expect more.

There will be also very lightweight ultra-books and other notebooks and netbooks, partially probably also equipped with touch screen, and they are all consumed with high performance and full compatibility much less than before. And then there is also still enter the ARM-compatible products will run on Windows on ARM, a variant that will probably hear the name Windows 8 runtime. One can expect that these products even easier and more economical will be in use, but with no PC compatibility, and the software features will probably be somewhat tenuous. For example, a stripped down version of MS Office to include, but not all the popular PC programs.

Overall, give Microsoft & Co. is optimistic. According to recent reports, introduction to equal more than 30 tablets from different manufacturers come to market, and by mid-2013, Apple's market share to push the 50% mark.

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