Friday, July 13, 2012

Do You Believe “Made In China”—HUA WEI U8860

In the digital gadgets market, such as cell phone market, we all know it’s more and more fierce; Apple, HTC, Samsung and other cell phone giant occupied the most market. And do you believe that the telecommunication giantHuawei is entering this market gradually? Especially, Huawei U8860 is one most popular cell phone in China.

Huawei U8860 Honor is an elaborate designed cell phone, and it design tough atmosphere, excellent workmanship, it’s visible the sincerity of manufacturers. HUAWEI U8860 arranged with an anti-in TFT semi-transflective screen size of 16:9, the size of 4 inches, 16 million colors, showing good effect. Post an 8 million pixel camera, the actual imaging results remarkable.

Huawei U8860 is a common straight full-touch design, the whole style is more neutral, men and women are appropriate, the screen is a 4.0-inch capacitive touch screen and support multi-touch operation, the resolution is FWVGA level mainstream standard of 480x854 pixels. System equipped with the Android smart system with very high playability and scalability, in addition it also built an 8 million pixel camera, the imaging is strong.

 Huawei U8860, after their own well-optimized UI interface, the overall feeling is simple and refreshing, not too much sense of the modification, but also added some nice 3D effects, good playability. The manufacturers control the price of the cell phone in a more reasonable position, and the partial performance of the whole mainstream entertainment are no longer words.

When we know the configuration of the Huawei U8860, we can smell the smell of gunpowder in this digital gadgets market. Certainly, our customers need this kind of competitive~

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