Monday, November 12, 2012

Worth buying the iPad 4 processing speed is twice steak

Foreign media recently Apple recently launched iPad4 processing speed to do a test, the results show that using the 1.4GHz the double nuclear A6X processor iPad4 score of 1757, and indeed New iPad (score 791) faster double, also leading the iPhone5 (score 1571) of about 10% or so. At the press conference on the Cook uncle declared iPad4 the processing speed will be doubled New iPad, does seem to be a veritable. Although iPad4 the A6X processor is still dual-core processor speeds up to 1.4HZ and equipped with a quad-core graphics chip, which makes iPad4 become the most powerful performance iOS devices. Interested in buying the iPad but do not know who bought the first generations of friends, selection iPad4 undoubtedly the best choice.