Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Changes in the details about the next-generation ipad mini

With the approaching of Apple's new conference, more and more rumors of an upgraded version of the upcoming iPad.Recently, the predict about an upgraded version of the new iPad is imperative, after all, the new iPad have much need to be improved, such as thickness, weight, battery life, such as fever.

1.Change to the 32nm process A5X processor.

Now,the new iPad use the 45nm A5X processor, chip area, power consumption, severe fever, relative low performance drawback.

2.Sharp IGZO panel

IGZO panel with high resolution, low power consumption, thinner and lighter touch smoother, less intrusive, while IGZO panel border can be done in less than 2 mm, which will allow an upgraded version of the new iPad thinner and lighter.

3.Smaller Dock Interface

As rumored iPhone 5 and iPad mini will be equipped with the smaller Dock, the advantage is able to save design space, the same possibility for the upgraded version of the thinner  new iPad and larger battery capacity improvement.

4.New LED backlight

Previously leaked the news that Apple may have to give up two LED backlight design, instead using an LED backlight design, which will improve the heat output of it, but will not affect the clarity and brightness of the display on the iPad. This is one of a powerful measure to improve the new iPad cooling, but also can improve the life of the new iPad.

5.Improved battery performance

Forecast improvements, including battery capacity and charging time. With the smaller size 32nm process CPU thinner IGZO panel, and the small size Dock interface, Apple can give new iPad battery more space. Apple may provide rapid charging technology.

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