Monday, December 10, 2012

Sales lower than expected, Who "kill" Surface?

Recently, Surface Tablet sales stabilizing broken million in the fourth quarter of this year, Detwiler Fenton in Boston economy company also released the data, said Microsoft may only sell in the fourth quarter of this year from 500,000 to 600,000, IHS iSuppli analysts said Taiwan Surface, 1000000-2000000 units sales far below the expected.

Detwiler Fenton said Microsoft's Surface product strategy is some confusion, "limited retail channels as well as slightly higher than the $ 499 minimum price have become reasons lead to Surface equipment unsalable.

In other words, the Tablet Surface in Microsoft official online or now store has a sale, but for those consumers who do not understand the product, they are more willing to go to a physical store personally try to decide whether to buy the product, especially in the case of the Surface of the price is not cheap, this consumer demand becomes more apparent.


However, Microsoft only 65 brick-and-mortar store in North America, and 34 temporary holiday stores, consumers more often only through outdoor or television advertising to understand Surface, Microsoft is therefore the loss of a large number of potential users .

Some analysts believe that Microsoft should cooperate with more third-party retail enterprise Surface products to further expand sales channels, increase the presence of the Surface products, only to allow consumers to better understand the unique products to enhance sales.

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