Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Restaurant leaked Nokia Windows tablet is coming

Since the Nokia hold on Microsoft's "thigh" People have been circulated to Nokia about to launch a tablet PC equipped with Windows system, and even foreign media continue to release the suspected spy, but that is ultimately the outsiders subjective assumptions. But in a few days ago, a Finnish restaurant seems to know more, inadvertently leaked the Nokia tablet whereabouts.

In Nokia Finland home, a restaurant in order to attract customers at the door hit an eye-catching posters, where consumption in the restaurant a sufficient amount of users will have the opportunity to raffle in March next year, and the prize is a Nokia Windows tablet.

The MMC mobile annual general meeting will be opened at the end of February 2013, Nokia Windows 8 tablet to be listed in March next year, the MWC 2013 conference is definitely a great time of the tablet debut.

As early as in March of this year, there are rumors that Nokia is developing a 10.1-inch screen and a Qualcomm dual-core Windows 8 tablet, Nokia CEO Elop earlier interviews attitude has been hinting flat products will be introduced in the future.

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