Tuesday, December 11, 2012

iPhone5S With Super HD screen in June next year?

Can be described as the continued rumors of the next generation iPhone, after another small series production in the end of this year and early release news broke, foreign technology website Business Insider reported that, Jeffries analyst PeterMisek recently said that Apple will be released in June a new iPhone, its name may be for the iPhone 5S will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 5 now in the market.

Number of hardware upgrades

According to foreign technology website Business Insider reports, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, the next generation iPhone hardware upgrade, including a higher pixel camera, add support for NFC near field communication functionality. Moreover, Apple iPhone5 just upgraded the resolution of the touch screen, but perhaps against the Android system many FHD Full HD touch screen models challenges, the touch screen of the Apple iPhone 5S will SuperHD (ultra high definition) "Specifications As for the specific resolution or what will be improved, there is no more news.

In addition, the analysts think the iPhone 5S future fifth-generation Apple iPod touch will add more color versions, and may even reach six to eight kinds of mobile phone battery life, and will further improve.

Or will be released in June

As in the past the media the the iPhone5 called "the most short-lived," generation iPhone, this or the new machine named iPhone 5S will be officially launched in June next year. As for Apple to change the past, product strategy and released ahead of the next-generation iPhone's reason, in addition to the needs of the competitive market, and Apple's product strategy shift, according to the outgoing message of the past Apple's supply chain disclosure, Apple iPhone5 incell touch panel yields due to poor the Apple plan to monolithic glass touch panel (OGS), and in the next-generation iPhone ahead of the formal launch in the first half of next year iPhone5S.

"Business Times" According to Taiwan media reported last month that Apple iPhone 5S trial production has already begun, and Apple plans to start in the first quarter of 2013, a large number of Distribution. Therefore, many rumors now frequently appear iPhone5S may not feel the accident.

iPhone6 ​​will be equipped with a 4.8-inch screen

It is because of iPhone5S early stage, so about iPhone6 ​​rumors naturally began to spread. The same report from analyst Peter Misek also claims that Apple has prepared a variety of prototype iPhone 6. One is the most people interested in the 4.8-inch touch screen with Retina IGZO display. In addition, rumors in the iPhone 6 is also equipped with more powerful A7 quad-core processors, and cancel the Home key, and add a touch of support for the whole gesture.

Of course, the above information are one of the words of market analysts, its true extent remains to be further verified. It seems almost certain that Apple will transition the products mode, to speed up the replacement should be more reliable.

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