Monday, December 10, 2012

iPod Touch 5 Review

From September 13th, Apple released the new generation of the iPod Touch has passed two months more than this thickness 6.1mm, weight only 88g smart device body relative to the previous generation of iPod Touch 4 has a lot of innovation. For iPod Touch, we of course cannot be attributed to the pure sense of the Tablet PC, but so far as to think about it, if the boundaries of the Tablet PC is also very vague. We can be called the iPad mini seemingly queen Touch Tablet PC Samsung Galaxy Note 2 called call tablet, the Asus Taichi called tablet notebook hybrid device. Everyone's mind for the definition of the tablet, which also determines the breadth of the Tablet PC product line. Perhaps at the moment it seems many devices and Tablet PC touch not the point on the relationship, but when portability, the definition of the tablet, how will be the ultimate retain only the screen?

So before the evaluation began, we may wish to first iPod Touch's product definition aside, the iPod Touch may already relatively familiar to many users, so the evaluation, we will also pay attention to the real application experience instead of a single boring products parsing. The most important points for both the iPod Touch 5 innovations including light level, innovative design concepts, new features layers expand. Trying to bring more intuitive evaluation experience and feel.

In fact, at first I get the iPod Touch 5 from the data alone do not think 6.1mm and 88g on the hands can make much of a difference, but when placed in the hands of time to get accustomed to the 7-inch or 9.7-inch tablet I instantly felt thin and light the true meaning.

Most thin and light portable smart mobile devices, terminals, as now, the thickness of the fuselage of the iPod Touch has reached unprecedented 6.1mm, 6.65mm beyond the known world's thinnest phone OPPO Finder. At present, its body thickness of most of the Tablet PC is still hovering around 8mm, like Toshiba AT270 (7.8mm), AT200 (7.7mm) and Samsung P6800 (7.9mm) is a few paragraphs below 8mm equipment. Apple iPad mini with 7.2mm again refresh Tablet thinnest records have to say, from an objective point of view, the iPod Touch 5 will indeed make the mobile terminal device and a step forward in the sexual revolution of the portable.

iPod Touch 5 was able to be so thin is also due to Apple's first iPod Touch using anodized aluminum craft MacBook product line of the same type, the use of a single piece of aluminum to build the fuselage.

Body weight, we can hardly find a intelligent devices of the same size, its weight is even lighter than the iPod Touch 5 of 88g. Whether it is on the hands or shirt pocket, you almost difficult to feel its presence. 88g equivalent to 20 sheets of A4 paper weight, equivalent to the weight of an egg, if once you get used to the iPod Touch 5 feel in your hand, you will find that their side of the electronic equipment is so heavy.


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