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The world’s largest digital cameras To shoot the universe pixels up to 30 million

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Top of the Andes in Chile, astronomers plan to build a telescope with a panoramic view of the vision. Unlike the past, the telescope, this full-called “large-caliber panoramic Survey Telescope (LSST), a monster, able to show people an overall landscape of the universe, billions of Galaxy, the trajectory of the various celestial bodies, are through this Survey Telescope panoramic view of the whole sky once.
The world’s largest digital camera
January 6, 2008, the LSST project manager  this Damm to the outside world about the progress of the project, said: “Most telescopes are only observing a small part of the universe, and concern for each object details, of course, will see very deep, but we want a broader view of the telescope, it is to see more, to cover the entire sky. ”
This Damm said, “broader vision telescope, is currently under construction, among the LSST. This will be the world’s largest telescope, and According to the astronomers involved in the project predict that the success of this scheme, the LSST will be one week a number of patrol sky every time can be observed the whole sky.
Moreover, the LSST is unique is that it is configured digital camera. Frame fully automatic digital camera every 15 seconds to shoot an image, the image seven times the diameter is the diameter of the Moon. It also every three days to get a Star of panoramic images, and pixels to 3200MB. It can reveal more about the mysterious “dark matter” secret “dark matter” to promote the expansion of the universe.
Bill Gates donated 20 million
Is equipped with the world’s largest digital camera, LSST start planning for 2000, shared by the 23 University, the world’s top laboratories and private groups, the construction is based in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Although the background seems to have been enough strong, but the completion of the super functional giant telescope is no easy task.
The biggest obstacle from the difficulties in funding. Build such a telescope, and the funds needed to reach 400 million U.S. dollars. This year, the world’s top astronomers and groups for this project spent almost all of the financial and material resources.
On the 6th of this month, the project a turning point. LSST has attracted one of the world’s richest people – come up with 20 million Gates from his “Art and Science Fund, which makes the the LSST planned re-made substantial progress in the last week.
Charles, a former Microsoft chief software architect, is itself a space enthusiast, he LSST’s unlimited potential network uses to attract huge amounts of money to support the conduct of the LSST project. Currently, the $ 30 million will be used for the construction of three huge mirrors, three refractive lenses, these are the most important and most expensive part in the machine.
Andean summit on the “first light”
The LSST project plan completed in 2011. Panoramic Survey Telescope of this caliber will be housed in the Observatory on Chi Li Paqie Weng Peak. Located in the Andes Paqie Weng Shanhai pull out of 2690 meters, this level provides a broad perspective for astronomical observations.
When the lens and refractor are manufactured in specialized laboratories, will be unified transported to install up to the top of the hill. Astronomers involved in the project known as the “first light” this telescope. Four years later, this “first light” will open in the Andes above the mirror each night telescope enter the 3-10G image data (about 190 times the top iPod), just as another project managers Tanner Desmond Sweeney said: “Through Road ‘light’, people will know everything in the sky, which it has never been done.”

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